Version History

Below you can find the history of FL Studio Mobile, our app for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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FL Studio Mobile iOS 0.9.14

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


- Graphics improved: final (?) except for the instrument icons

- 4 instruments added + 4 kits (by Toby) added

- Existing kits shifted +1 octave, now ranging from c2-c4 (if you used a kit in a song, transpose it +12 to make it sound right again)

- Instrument octave mapping equalized (now the c4 of any instrument is the same c4 with any other instrument)

- Piano-roll editor: note drawing works without a crosshair now

- Keyboard tab button changes to "Drum Pads" if a step track is selected

- Fix: instrument list auto-scroll

- Fix: tab buttons were still touchable in the drum pad's fullscreen mode

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