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Below you can find the history of FL Studio Mobile, our app for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.25

Thursday, May 19, 2011


- Test: the reverb style knob now responds to tap and to the slide gesture

- The default project now has 2 tracks: a step track with no effects and a piano (synth) track with a delay

- Reverb wet/dry slider scale is now quadratic (instead of linear)

- Fix: step tracks ignored the FX bus setting

- Fix: the step editor did not work with signatures other than 4/4

- Fix: step editor view was chaotic if the song length was trimmed in the bar editor

- Fix: deleting a step channel sometimes froze the playback

- Fix: some drum pad labels were not trimmed properly

- Fix: tapping the new button very fast made it disappear

- Fix: the drum loops folder was emptied after an update

- Fix: the filter did not snap back if the panel was touched near the edge

- Graphics fix: typo ("wit") in the reverb screen at 480 and 960 resolution

- Help updated

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