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Below you can find the history of FL Studio Mobile, our app for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.24

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


- 3 SFX kits + FL Basic kit (by Nucleon)

- Demo added (work in progress, by Sacco)

- In-app help updated

- Reverb style knob reacts to slide gesture instead of tap

- Note selection is recalled after undo/redo in the pianoroll and the bar editor

- Piano-roll editor: double tap on select btn selects all notes

- Piano-roll editor: state of the lock-x/y button is remembered until screen change

- Piano-roll editor: vertical grid line brightness increased

- Bar edit mode now starts at the selected bar

- The ruler in the tracks tab highlights the looped area

- Tutorial: now pops up only if the song has >1 bar so that scrolling and pinching works

- Step editor: zoom mode now only shows the scroll gesture (not the pinch gesture anymore)

- Fix: step editor zoom mode scrolling on the minimap

- Fix: step editor edit sample selection list did not always update the greyed-out list items

- Fix: step editor scrolling errors in channel edit mode

- Fix: step editor faders and graph mode touch errors

- Fix: menu gestures were disabled if the tutorial was shown

- Fix: drum pads were not cleared after playback ended

- Fix: filter snap-back-values were not recorded

- Fix: rare crash when filter recording reached the song/loop end

- Fix: possible fix for crash when loading an .ini file

- Graphics fixes (mini keyboard and filter track board were blurry)

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.23

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beta v0.9.23 improves the workflow and adds bug fixes



- In-app help updated

- 8 new drum loops

- Slicex kits transposed 2 octaves down (in order to match the other drum kit's range C2-C4)

- Step editor: in channel edit mode, the channel list can be scrolled independently

- Double tap on any slider resets it

- Metronome sound from FL Studio

- Fix: the LCD in the tracks tab did not indicate the pan when the slider was moved

- Fix: wrong step editor zoom level if the step editor button was tapped

- Fix: drum loops with more than 1 track were not fully removed when replaced with another drum loop

- Fix: filter track labels were blurred

- Fix: eq lines vanished when default was tapped

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.22

Thursday, May 12, 2011


- In-app help

- Improved HD loading screen image

- 4 drum loops

- Volume faders are now scaled (nearly quadratical instead of linear)

- Swipe/pinch gestures enabled in keyboard fullscreen mode

- Step graph editor: pitch bend range reduced to +/- 1 octave

- Default reverb mix reduced to 20% wet

- Fix: audio timing inaccuracy reduced

- Fix: many fixes regarding Slicex kits (when browsing/selecting from the list)

- Fix: long notes were cut off when editing during playback or when ending a recording

- Fix: adding, deleting and editing tracks during recording works now

- Fix: recording with auto-quantization could result in infinitely long notes

- Fix: drawing steps during playback sometimes resulted in a volume burst

- Fix: accidental touches of the erase buttons in the step graph editor

- Fix: crash when replacing a drum loop onto a song with just 1 drum track

- Fix: piano-roll drawn note sometimes appeared behind an existing note

- Fix: piano-roll editor menu buttons were misaligned at 480x320

- Fix: pressing the loop button during precount moved the left marker to the last bar

- Fix: metronome button was touchable in fullscreen mode

- Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.21

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


- Fix: Sawer Blast Pad (the last 2 octaves were static due to 24bit wavs)

- Fix: Step tracks ignored the FX setting

- Fix: Tracks tab menu controls were disabled but still touchable if a filter track was selected

- The add track buttons switch to a more appropriate instrument (grand piano or a kit)
  if e.g. a kit is selected but a piano track is added, or vice versa.

- Stability improvements

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.20

Saturday, April 23, 2011

v0.9.20 adds CoreMIDI and new Slicex kits



- CoreMIDI (preferences can be accessed with the hardware configuration button in the setup, if a CoreMIDI device is connected)

- 25 new Slicex Loops (10 of them LoopMasters) by Nucleon

- Instrument tab: 4 separate lists

- Instrument tab: preview button reacts to slide gesture

- Instrument tab: Slicex loop handling improved

- Default reverb set to 25% wet (instead of 50%)

- Graphics fixes: LCD font, Drum Pads tab button, undo button position

- Texture atlases for all resolutions decrease memory usage and launch time

- Lots of small bug and graphics fixes

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.19

Monday, April 18, 2011

v0.9.19 has some UI improvements and adds new instruments and Slicex kits



- New icon

- Play/pause button moved to the tab bar

- Help button moved to the setup tab

- Instrument category buttons

- New instruments: 10 synths and 17 Slicex loops

- Bug fixes regarding Slicex loops

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.18

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


- Texture atlases reducing RAM usage and loading time

- Drum pads are orange when pressed

- Fix: track and channel move mode touch detection improved

- Fix: adding new step channels could exceed the kit's range

FL Studio Mobile HD iOS 0.9.17

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The iPad UI is implemented, now we have 2 apps



- HD version (iPad-only)

- Drum pads now react to moved touches, i.e. you can move your finger across the pads to trigger them

- Piano-roll editing of overlapping notes improved

- Ready for Slicex kits (but none included yet):

- included beats in .flml format are automatically loaded

- preview buttons behave differently for Slicex kits

FL Studio Mobile iOS 0.9.16

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Version 0.9.16 has new instruments (now 74 total) and UI fixes



- 22 instruments added (by Nucleon and Toby)

- Lots of UI graphics fixes

- Crackling noise at the beginning of some samples fixed

- Some minor bug fixes (long file names were not trimmed, etc.)

FL Studio Mobile iOS 0.9.15

Friday, March 25, 2011


- Fix: song loading popups did not close

- Instrument icons

- 2 instruments added (by Toby)

- Instrument volumes equalized (now all instruments should have about the same loudness)

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