Developer test files

We are looking for designers who can produce 'hinted' fonts.
Or designers who can process the vector files we supply (Edison zip) into 'hinted' fonts.

Edison Icons download (source file psd): download



Test program for 'hinted' fonts:


1. important: to be installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\Shared\

(after closing all IL-related apps)


2. instructions

-you can type your test string (you'll have to know what's in the font, can't help here)

-you can pick your font

-you can select the hinting, from the font's own (used by FL for its own glyphs), freetype's autohinting (which I happen to prefer over internal hinting for most fonts), & none (fugly)

There is no horizontal hinting, except for the LCD hinting (as a test, I'm not using it), as the RGB subpixelling doesn't require it.


ILGlyphsEx (the current font with FL's glyphs) can be used for calibration:

-font size 16 shows a properly aligned grid of pixels in the first char. Away from size 16, that grid will either look deformed or blurry (deformed being the less bad.. I guess) depending on the hinting. It should also look centered on buttons along with text (which isn't the case of most symbol fonts out there)


Considering that ILGlyphsEx is supposed to be used at size 16 at 100% scaling, it means that the symbols in it have various sizes. This produces better results than doing normalized symbols & then scaling according to how I need them in FL. This is why those symbols are currently smaller than normal letters.


Download source file


Download font


font test


no hinting