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Invoice / Web site creation software

the link between Fact2000 and EZGenerator


The software that inspired EZGenerator

Thousands of companies either want to start an e-commerce site or already have some kind of Web-presence but are convinced by now that it doesn't work :

your site isn't updated in months ?

where do the visitors come from ?

info requests aren't answered

banneradd campains are not analysed


A modern website requires a dynamic content that's updated on a daily bases.


Doing this manually using tools like FrontPage™ is a pretty technical task that requires a lot of graphical skills by a designer who often doesn't have a clue what the company or site is doing.


Adding e-commerce services often gets even more complicated. Using 'online' shops is one solution but virtually impossible once you have a lot of products online or want to have a descent backoffice that maintains the customers who order from your site.


E-OfficeDirect is an off-line application that allows you to generate and upload a completely graphic and dynamic e-commerce site from scratch without touching any graphical tools.





E-Officedirect is the next logical step for those who want to add e-commerce and interactive web content. In no time you set up an electronic commerce and provide a listing of all of your products on the internet.