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Sample Fusion

Over a decade of creating audio applications and producing content for those applications led to the the development of this sample library that can be streamed straight into our sampler (DirectWave).


Relive an era of classic drum sounds where funk was king! With three old-school drumkits recorded through all analog gear, tape, and vintage mics, you'll never sample an old drum break again!

Impact: Steel is a highly expressive percussion library containing metal hits and "found" percussive sounds, sampled and programmed with a level of detail normally reserved for acoustic drum kits.

The deepest koto, bass koto and shamisen library ever released, featuring world-class performer Masayo Ishigure! Dynamics and RRs, FX patches and extensive traditional & contemporary articulations.

Shreddage was designed to be the most realistic and flexible electric guitar sound for rock and metal. You get a full range of articulations from palm and aggressive mutes to powerchords, vibrato, harmonics, pinch squeals, pick scrapes, neck slides, portamento slides, chordstops, and much more.

A pure, powerful bass guitar library suitable for floor-crumbling, core-shaking and mammoth riding. Features a killer, flexible DI tone straight from a Music Man Sterling that is perfect for rock and metal, as well as jazz, disco, electronica or even pop.

The most deeply sampled sitar, tambura, tabla and baya library ever released! Includes all important playing techniques and FX patches.

MK Digital Keys is a new retro keyboard sample library by Nucleus SoundLab. Bring the 80s keyboard sound to your productions with this faithful sampling of Roland's° MKS-20 keyboard synthesizer. see extra demo info below**

OB Resurrection is a stunning new sample library created by Nucleus SoundLab focused on evolving the classic Oberheim° sound into the new millenium. see extra demo info below**

Viral Outbreak is a new soundware product based on the sounds of the Virus° TI hardware synthesizer. Using the power of extensive 96khz multisampling, manual looping and professional preset design, Nucleus SoundLab brings this powerful electronica sound to your productions! see extra demo info below**

VS Resurrection is the second volume in the Nucleus SoundLab Resurrection sample line. This time around, the subject is the awesome vector synthesis of the Prophet VS°. see extra demo info below**

For hundreds of years, Varazdin (Croatia), richly steeped in Baroque music tradition, has produced some of Europe’s finest classical performances. It is also host to the famous, annual 'Barokne Veceri' (Baroque Evenings) festival, which attracts the best classical artists from around the world.

If you are looking for the evocative sound of a solo Sitar, producing Bhavageete through to Rajasthan or scoring filmi for the climatic scenes of a Bollywood blockbuster, the ‘Sounds of India’ sample library has you covered.

36 full multi-sampled Bass Guitars all recorded at 32bit through some of the greatest bass amps ever made, including Marshalls, Ampegs, GK, Eden, and Mesa Boogie.

18 full multi-sampled Electric Guitars all recorded at 32bit through some of the greatest amps ever made.

World Samples is an exclusive collection of +1600 ethnic percussion and instruments spanning the globe. From Asia to South America and most places in between.

SuperDrums 8000 contains over 8.000 HQ one-shot drum samples, recorded in professional quality by Doru MALAIA.

A great basic sample library to start your Orchestral music projects.

A sound effects sample CD perfect for adding ambience to your video productions or musical compositions. Complex Machinery, Grinders, Cars, Trucks, Fireworks, Animals, Insects, Crowds, Waterfalls, Weather. Need we go on?

Sliced Beats contains the phattest drum grooves and chops designed and quantized especially for your Fruity Slicer. This CD contains over 270 high quality drumloops that are ready for you to toss into your project.

The Real Drumkits downloadable sample content is the last collection of drumsounds you'll ever buy.

If you want strange and beautiful electronic samples to spice up your mix Killer Tweaks 2 was made for you! Lush pads made in heaven. Hauntingly mysterious drones from outer space and FX that will simply blow your mind.

Amped is the downloadable sample cd content that you need for outstanding guitar riffs, effects, licks, and rhythms in your music.

DreamPads is a collection of simply the finest, plushest pads you'll find on any downloadable content sampling CD available on the market.

Quite simply the finest, plushest pads you'll find on any downloadable content sampling CD available on the market.

Bass Case is a huge collection of floor trembling, multi-sampled bass synths and bass guitars.

The basis of all electronic and most modern music is the ability to have that one melodic line that grabs your audience, and pulls them in.

To some it will bring up car doors slamming. Perhaps an airplane flying by. However, we've taken it to a different level.

A vocal sample cd to surpass all others.

From top to bottom, these big dirty cuts are all you need to get that low down funky sound.

The Generic SampleCD is a perfect start for anyone looking for a high quality sampleset.