FL Studio remix contests.

Remix Contest #3 - Veela

This contest is closed - Check the contest results & top 10 finalists below


FL Studio Remix Contest - This contest is closed.

Welcome to the Night Vision remix contest. In association with FL Studio singer/songwriter Veela and our friends at RØDE microphones & Event Electronics we are excited to bring you our most awesome remix competition ever!


FL Studio Remix Contest - Prices
Remix the song 'Night Vision' by Veela and win :
This contest is closed.Contest results below

1st prize:
A pair of Event 20/20BAS monitor speakers (valued at $1099)
+ 500 USD Cash + any 3 Image-Line plugins.
2nd prize:
RØDE NT1-A kit (valued at $299)
+ 250 USD Cash + any 2 Image-Line plugins.

3rd prize:
150 USD Cash + any Image-Line plugin.

All money will be wired to a PayPal account
or can be used as virtual cash in our shop .

By entering this contest, you accept the following contest conditions of entry (below).


FL Studio Remix Contest - Results & Top 10 Finalists
As this was so hard we allowed our users to vote. The results are available in the polling on-line (the vote has now closed) thread of our forum. The final results are:

1st Prize - Charles Deluxe


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Aim For Soul Remix

Remix by Aim For Soul




2nd Prize - Aura Qualic


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire A Deaf Bat Breakbeat Remix

Remix by Lummy




3rd Prize - D-Vision


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Ova9000 Grand Canyon Remix

Remix by lbizzy (OVA9000)




Veela's Choice Award - DJ Damertez for most impressive use of Pitcher & Newtone.


Veela - Night Vision - DjDamertez Pop Remix

Dj Damertez




Here are the other Top 10 finalists for the Night Vision Remix Contest. For the 489 people missed out and we would like to thank you all for your great remixes, we really had a hard time narrowing the field down to these few.



Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Olibrius Remix (105)

Remix by Olibrius




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Nutritious Mix (41)

Remix by Nutritious




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Wishoff Remix (50)

Remix by Wishoff




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire LDUK Remix (07)

Remix by LDUK




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Gudi Remix (31)

Remix by AquaDonkey




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Drumcore Remix (109)

Remix by Mad Electronic Tunes




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire atropa rmx M (06)

Remix by Atropa





Artist information
About Veela and Night Vision:

In June 2010, Veela was our FL Studio featured artist.

Veela's purpose is to take you away, to show the world beauty in all things.

Being a music producer, vocalist and DJ has allowed her to close her eyes and dance with the beings she meets along the way, while pulverizing bass bins and delivering the perfect drop. She wants nothing more than to include everyone in her wide eyed, wondered view of music and glitter, making it impossible to not grin when she's having so much fun on the decks. Love and magic.

Making off video of Veela 'Night Vision'
Links about Veela:
www.myspace.com/veelabeats - I post my latest song snippets first, you can also find my EP sampler and leave a nice comment! :D
www.veelablog.com - My personal blog. I'm constantly posting self-help advice, music advice, answering questions, funny things that happen in my life, offensive jokes, wtf pictures and the odd video.
www.twitter.com/veelamusic - Want to hear the uncensored Veela? Follow me, srsly..
www.soundcloud.com/veelabeats - My music is posted here. This is also a good place to contact me is you'd like to try a collaboration out!
www.facebook.com/veelabeats - This web address is for my facebook fanpage, where all the action REALLY happens. If you want to get the most information in one shot, this is where to get it. It's in your best interest for your wellbeing to become a fan. You'll laugh alot. There's been talk of loin cloths..



Conditions of entry
You must have an Image-Line account and posting permissions on the Image-Line forums.
You must use FL Studio AND the plugin Newtone AND OR Pitcher in the production of the remix. You may use any other Image-Line or 3rd party plugins and or samples (samples must be copyright cleared for music production).
You must use at least one vocal sample from the Veela remix pack.
You must upload your 192 kbps .mp3 remix/eshere (in Looptalk). By uploading you grant Image-Line permission to host the remix file/s on our servers in perpetuity. 
You may enter a maximum of 3 remixes.
Winners will be asked to submit the FL Studio remix .zip project for verification that the remix was made with FL Studio and to explain how Pitcher AND OR Newtone were used if it is not evident.
Competition closes June 05, 2011.
In order to collect the 1st & 2nd physical prizes winners agree to supply Image-Line and RØDE/Event with a delivery address (no PO boxes allowed).
In order to collect the cash prizes you must have a PayPal account, if you don't have a PayPal account at the time of winning we can add the money to your Image-Line account which can be withdrawn to a PayPal account once established. Alternatively, you can use the money to buy products from the Image-Line Shop.
Judges decisions are final, no correspondence will be entered into. Entries will be judged by a panel including Veela, RØDE/Event & Image-Line representatives.