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Deckadance mobile turns your iPad into a portable DJ mixing system.

Load music from your iTunes library and mix, scratch or loop up a storm.
When you are ready to kick back, use the automix feature and let Deckadance mix up your playlists for you.

Talk about the app on our Deckadance mobile forum*.

Find details of the app in the Deckadance mobile help.

Key features:

- iPad version available.
- iPad3 HD version comming soon.
- iPhone / iPod version in development.

Beat detection and autosync - Tap the SYNC button on a deck to sync its tempo to that of the opposite deck.

Left / Right deck faders & Tempo control with nudge - Individual deck volume faders and X-fader.

Cue points - Add up to 4 cue points per-track per-deck. Select CUES from the mode window. Tap Rec and a cue memory slot to save the current playback cursor position. Alternatively, with the track stopped press the CUE button to set a cue point. When playing the CUE button jumps back to the cue point and pauses.

Automix - Select the AUTOMIX tab and music source to hear your selected music automixed.

Equalizer - From the EQ mode window adjust Low, Mid and High equalization.

Waveform view - Inspect beat alignment from the WAV mode window.

Loop - After Deckadance mobile automatically detects the beat, from the mode window select 32 to 1/32nd beat loops
and tap the Loop button on the deck to engage.

Sampler - 5 assignable sampler slots per deck. Play from included sample libraries from the mode window.

Play effects - From the mode window hold Stutter, Turntable, Censor, Break or (back)Spin to add the effect.

X/Y effects - From the FX tab choose Ring-Mod, Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass or Tap-Delay effects
and control them from the X/Y pad.


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