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Gibson Acquires Deckadance

Friday, May 15, 2015

We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights.

More information on our news pages:



Message to our customers


As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible. You will receive instructions from us in the near future on how to migrate your Deckadance license and account to the Stanton side of the Gibson equation (under Stanton DJ). We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 (and activation keys) on our servers for the foreseeable future, but do encourage you to download and save a copy for your use until Stanton comes on stream. 


Please create a support ticket if you have further questions.



Deckadance 2.43

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Added MIDI scripts for Hercules controllers: UniversalDJ, DJC Wave, DJC Rmx2, DJC Air, DJC Air Plus, DJC Instinct,
DJC 4M, DJC MP3 E2, DJC 4 Set (Special thanks to DJ Phatso, Hercules technical support) [DD-340].



Fixed sendSysExMessage command in MIDI scripting engine [DD-341].
Fixed various problems in the MIDI scripts provided in v2.42 [DD-342].


Deckadance 2.42

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


New Elastique v3 engine with improved transient processing.
New multi controller support (via scripting).
Added native support for Behringer CMD 2A.
Added native support for Casio XW-DJ1.


Fix iTunes library importing problem for OSX (Yosemite update).
Fixed crashes at song loading.
Fixed leap function.
Fixed warning messages drawing.
Fixed manual editing of filepaths in the song manager.


Changed preferences dialog window for MIDI scripting and ILRemote areas.
Changed some midi scripting commands from toggle to momentary ones: SYNC_LOCK, SNAP, LOOP, LEAP, KEY_LOCK, FX_(HIGH/MID/LOW)_BAND_GROUP and EFFECT_ON.

Deckadance 2.30

Monday, September 15, 2014


New IL Remote app support [DD-317].
New utility panels: EQ, Gain & Filter, Volume, Mix & Isolator, FX and Grossbeat [DD-318].
Added splash screen for standalone version [DD-319].
Added support for ESI soundcards [DD-321].



Fixed keyboard shortcuts support [DD-322].
Fixed problem with soundcard samplerates >= 99600KHz [DD-323].
Fixed synchronization problem with the leap out function in snap mode [DD-324].



Added switching of midi ports between standard midi page and script one [DD-325].



Changed MIDI preferences dialog design plus internal changes to the midi engine [DD-326].

Deckadance 2.25

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Added VST parameters visibility for the plugin version [DD-315].
Added native support for Casio XW-J1 [DD-316].

Deckadance 2.24

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Added midi scripting [DD-310].



Fixed program hang when loading one song in a deck while it's currently loading another one [DD-311].
Fixed jog touch sensor detection while backspin [DD-312].
Fixed problem with auto detection of Behringer CMD controllers [DD-313].
Fixed problem when using various identical controllers at the same time [DD-314].


Deckadance 2.10

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Added native support for Behringer CMD 4A, MM-1, PL-1, DV-1, MICRO, DC-1, LC-1 controllers [DD-309].

Deckadance 2.00

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Decks, 2 or 4 deck mixing [DD-302].
Smartknobs - Link a single knob to any number of FX & Mixer interface targets under user programmable envelope control [DD-303].
GrossBeat - 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor [DD-304].
Frequency isolated effects - Up to 3 chained insert effects per track [DD-305].
Sampler – 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes [DD-306].
Smart Panels. User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. From 2 to 8 per deck [DD-307].
Customizable interface. Configure decks, smart panels and Function panels [DD-308].

Deckadance 1.94

Monday, March 5, 2012


Added native support for Vestax VCI-400 [DD-290].

Added native support for Vestax VCI-100 mkII [DD-291].

Added utilities popup menu for itunes items (load to A, load to B and preview) [DD-292].

Added utilities popup menu for filebrowser items (load to A, load to B and preview) [DD-293].



Fixed problem of skipping beats when loop out is executed [DD-294].

Fixed problem with leap function not working correctly in version 1.93 [DD-295].

Fixed problem with relooper triggering inside loops [DD-296].

Fixed problem with minihost when the program is closed an no soundcard is selected [DD-297].

Fixed problem with auto detection of Synq DMC2000 [DD-298].



Changed default music path to user's music folder [DD-299].

Deckadance 1.93

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Added font size option in setup window [DD-277].

Added song manager resizer buttons [DD-278].

Added rating read from ID3V2 tags at song import [DD-279].

Added integration of recommendation system to DigitalDj edition [DD-289].



Change low equalizer band design and behavior of kill buttons [DD-280].

Changed behavior of sync button (momentary/lock) [DD-281].



Fixed sample recorder & save function [DD-282].

Fixed re-analysis process and results update [DD-283].

Fixed key change interference with beat align [DD-284].

Fixed reload of tags in the song manager [DD-285].

Fixed master bpm editing in minihost for OSX [DD-286].

Fixed mouse down events for some problematic hosts in OSX [DD-287].



Improved midi mapping for Synq DMC2000 mixer section [DD-288].


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