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Deckadance 0.85

Friday, September 22, 2006

- Huge performance boost due to heavy optimizations in the audio rendering system.
- New pitchshifting / timestretching algorithm.
- Fixed deck-seek retriggering issue if moving mouse vertically.
- MP3 decoding performed now with MAD sources.
- robust, quicker, faster, harder, stronger mp3 decoding.
- loading system completelly revised:
* no more weird "seek rewind" bar while decoding files.
* no more weird peak-rebuilding after decoding files.
* deck decoder not longer blocks the other one deck's decoder worker thread. ACM required to wait until completion. In short words: you can load both tracks at once.
* optimized memory usage in mp3 decoding.
- proper WAV loading/support for decks.
- faster polling of exs xp-10 state, playlist automixer function and remote devices output feedback.
- spectroscope view deck b vumeters are now flipped down.
- fixed: drag & drop item hidden at the bottom.
- added deck "key-lock" mode (phase vocoder based). When engaged pitch and tempo of a deck can be indendently tweaked.
- added deck "key" shift control (in cents, -999 to +999).
- completed EKS-XP10 support for all controller buttons (looping, loop + leap, sync, relooper pads).
- vst plugins initialized correctly (resume() wasnt called).
- enhanced vst hosting window resizing support, fixed vst names, properly labeled window titlebar captions).
- corrected mouse wheel support for playlist anb browser.
- new tempo display.
- scratch cursor set when mouse hovering the vinyl turntables in the vinyl control tab.
- fixed problem display drag&drop item when dragging a directory from the right browser.
- setup: fixed crash when attempting to press "config" or "about" button in winamp plugins setup dialog.
- setup: "config" and "about" buttons in setup are disabled if no winamp plugins are found.
- new designed, enhanced filters:
- 4 stage biquad (-12dB per stage).
* lowpass / highpass / bandpass / notch : -48dB per octave.
* eq ctrl: from -36dB to +12dB (0.0dB middle).
* eq kill: -48 dB shelf.
* eq freq: (lo)100/(hi)1000/(hi)10000 hz.
- bcd2000: the deck that goes "ahead" in time respect to the other deck get flashed in the top "beat" leds.
- bcd2000: fixed problem with deck effect selector going out of bounds (was attempting to select an eighth unexistent one).
- bcd2000: support for monitor deck crossfader and monitor l/r split.
- enhanced wave graph displays, shading peak magnitude.
- minihost improvements enhancing support for IL juce pack vst's and other plugins aswell.
* (on vinyl / extended tab):
- added: monitor control pfl crossfader.
- added: monitor control pfl channel split switch.
- added: monitor control pfl level.
- added: crossfader curvature control.
- added: crossfader "reversed-mode" switch.
- added: crossfader alternate "linear-mode" switch.
- added: midi controls for all pfl/crossfader settings.
- etc...

remarks: the minihost version is 0.34

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