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Deckadance 0.87

Monday, October 23, 2006


New instant mono-8-bit microsampler (vinyl/ext page). Self-record and trigger decka output in the fly (max 12 seconds@44100).
New vinyl control timecode speed 'calibration' learn. vinyl/ext page).

New generic midi controls for the microsampler functionality.
BCD2000 native microsampler control (wrapped on talkover and on-air buttons) w/led feedback.

Beat jump controls for Hercules Mk1 and Mk2. ( buttons).

Midi-in thru process for VST host slots.
Added setup file header to avoid format clash in configuration upgrades.



Fixed small graphical glitch with vinyl control enabled (in deck transport play button status display).



Beat jump controls now jumps the selected number of loop beats in remote devices.



Serato vinyl switch removed (useless since the timecode-speed-learn mode).
Changed BPM detector to slower adaption speed.

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