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Deckadance 0.96

Friday, November 17, 2006

- Added new monitor preview "mini-player":
* supports all deckadance formats and shares the same loading system (multithreaded).
* Double-click on any audio track on browser or playlist to listen.
* Full seeking support.
* Routed to monitor PFL.
* Floating window interface.
- New new deck "beat-sync" system.
- Right-clicking on play will align tracks with new "beat-sync" method.
- Added generic MIDI controls and BCD2000 native controls (back to top) for new deck "beat-sync".
- You can launch now audio & midi setup settings from deckadance setup dialog. This only will work with minihost 0.36.
- Added setup "update-downbeat" at playback launch option.
- Peakscope and Spectroscope now are mouse scratch pads. (useful when aligning beat/peaks manually).
- You can also drag & drop of tracks in Peakscope / Spectroscope from browser or playlist.
- And finally =) now you can also switch transport (play/pause) right clicking on central display aswell.
- Added new relooper options: mix mode, beat aligned mode, randomize, clear and swap.
- Added deck gain controls.
- No longer need to wait until a deck has finished loading to reload a new one.
- Added Generic Midi / BCD2000 for gain control.
- New placement (more symmetrical) for some deck status leds (scratch, loading / scan progress, etc).
- Flipped peakscope.
- Eq killers working -72 dB.
- Added slow decoder/analyzer threads mode (recommended for single core systems).
- Track beatmark log (beatmarks.log in deckadance installation directory).
- Fixed VST host not closing plugin's editor properly when on re-instancing.
- Fixed lame bug that caused all OGG Vorbis files to load mono.
- Demo sound wont sound at the startup of the program but 2 minutes later, and then periodicity is set to 3 minutes.
- Misc. bugfixes and improvements.

* Todo: implement 4 new master effects.

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