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Deckadance 0.99

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

- Several gui/skin changes.
- New lowpass/highpass multimode -24dB/octave moog filters for the sampler slots.
- New filters for the deck effects aswell w/smooth ramped cutoff transitions.
- Some speed optimizations in the effect section.
- New Vestax skin with VCI100 bolts / jog wheels draw when the skin filename is 'vestax' (.bmp).
- MIDI channel messages now have the channel masked (zeroed) when using any of the native supported devices (to avoid config MIDI channel clashes).
- MIDI sysex messages are now bypassed (when required).
- Added Allen & Heath Xone:3D native support.
- Vestax VCI-100 support. (not finished, need the unit).
- The step/position playback bar in the samplers are colour-coded by the selected deck colour. (skinnable).
- Bass band equalizer reset when disabling "bass-crossfader" mode.
- Fixed mic input to master output mixing problem.
- Now allows the vynil control button (play button when not in vinyl mode) to turn off vynil control.
- Deck pitch is reset to center after vinyl control is switched off.
- Bugfix: fixed problem wich caused common file dialogs not to appear.
- The learn timecode button in the vinyl control tab is more prominent now.
- Vinyl display turns (on the screen) when the vinyl/CDJ is turning as well regardless of the deck loaded/track playback position.
- Record learn timecode button in vinyl control made a bit more prominent.
- Minihost: added Deckadance.chm help file.
- Minihost: new interface.
- Minihost: added minimize/close button in deckadance (fullscreen) mode.
- etc...

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