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Deckadance 1.00

Monday, March 5, 2007

- Rewritten setup config system, as native GUI.
- Setup config changes now doesnt need to be applied anymore, instant changes are taken.
- Beatmark information is now restored before decoding the file and not after.
- Holding "control" key when loading a track will force reanalysis.
- Added favourite folders in the browser.
- New looping selection system, 9 loop types: from 1/32 to 8/1 loop.
- New loop 'beat-sync' switch, when enabled, it will align loops to nearest beatmark positions.
- Slighty different beatmark drawing.
- Fixed minor slashdot (\\\\,/) inconsistency in browser path / folders.
- Several right-browser improvements.
- Made Vestax Skin more readable.
- Added F1 key help invoking.
- Deck Track, Slave and Sync buttons corrected placement and appareance.
- Middle display: scratch and drag&drop will only work in 'peakscope' mode and not the rest of the middle section pages.
- Clicking on 'Deckadance' logo about section will open deckadance website.
- Sampler pitch moved to up and down buttons.
- Deck monitor rout switch state is now stored as setup register.
- Enhanced accuracy of deck monitor vumeters.
- VST host: used "resvd2" instead "user" ptr to store vst editor parent window handle. [Fred].
- VST host: second SetWindowPos called against to update VST plugin editor size, this fixes some plugins showing wrong editor size. [Fred]
- Decks monitor rout and deck to monitor vumeter placed now in a single control box.
- Added new DMX bottom pages (further implementation).
- '.wav' extension in setup / disk recorded file path now is specified / supported.
- Added new help middle page tab.
- Added KontrolDJ native support.
- Added 'Force Beattrack Analysis' option, it will override beatmark files and will analyse tracks always.
- Some minor setup data bugfixes.
- Added tempo threshold switch.
- Added monitor PFL "overdrive" option, useful in certain situations where PFL monitor needs extra "coloured" boost.
- Minihost: 'File & General Settings' can be now accesed from options menu (only when hosting deckadance). [Scott].
- Lots of GUI enhancements and skin re-organisation.
- Projects converted to Intel Compiler solutions:
* From now and on, deckadance and minihost are compiled using intel latest ICC (9.1.037 at this point).
* Faster, parallelized code, multiple processor extensions supported (incl. SSE3 and CoreDuo), tested on iMac 17'' Intel Core Duo [1.8Ghz] taking 4-5% of CPU only.
* Tested on AMD x64 3800+, 4% CPU vs 7% wich took with MS compiler formerly. (nearly 200% performance boost).