Gibson Acquires Deckadance.
We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights. Deckadance will be sold under the Stanton brand.
As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible.

Existing Deckadance customers find instructions in their 'my licenses' page on how to migrate the Deckadance license and account to Gibson/Stanton (on the Cakewalk site). 
We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 and activation keys on our servers for the foreseeable future (deadline: 31 december 2016).


Version History
= New Feature.
= Improvement.
= Bug fix.
= Change.
= Known issue.
= Deckadance internal reference issue number.

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Deckadance 1.03

Friday, March 30, 2007

- Full Vestax VCI-100 support.
- Added deck balance and master volume (VCI-100 specific).
- Added FIFO gui thread action queue list system for certain operations such as request deck loading or preview from MIDI commands and other cases.
- More robust deck audio import threading.
- Fixed bug when playing less than 1 beat sized samples.
- Added DC blockers filters.
- Peakscope now shows beatmarks.
- Exception handler around hercules mp3 dj console initialization. (fixes DX8 crashes on certain systems).
- Added 2 Midi Setup pages with row for more future generic MIDI control items.
- Added new VST Host gain generic midi controllers.
- Added new master volume generic midi controllers.
- New skin selector with thumbnail on setup.
- New remote controller device selector in setup. (moved from MIDI setup).
- New extended information web links for remote controllers and skin content.
- Skins renamed to dark.bmp and white.bmp.
- Implemented sampler prev/next arrow loaders.
- Audio processing block size and sample rate properly updated to hosted VST plugins (fixed in minihost too). *
- Updated with latest scott's inline help and offline (chm) files.
- VST plugins instances not closed properly at deckadance shutdown. **
- VST plugins editors properly closed when closing deckadance interface (fixed crashes with numerous VST plugins at exit). ***

*,**,***: This fixes issues in Sytrus, EQUO, and probably many other VST plugins.

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