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Deckadance 1.03

Friday, March 30, 2007

- Full Vestax VCI-100 support.
- Added deck balance and master volume (VCI-100 specific).
- Added FIFO gui thread action queue list system for certain operations such as request deck loading or preview from MIDI commands and other cases.
- More robust deck audio import threading.
- Fixed bug when playing less than 1 beat sized samples.
- Added DC blockers filters.
- Peakscope now shows beatmarks.
- Exception handler around hercules mp3 dj console initialization. (fixes DX8 crashes on certain systems).
- Added 2 Midi Setup pages with row for more future generic MIDI control items.
- Added new VST Host gain generic midi controllers.
- Added new master volume generic midi controllers.
- New skin selector with thumbnail on setup.
- New remote controller device selector in setup. (moved from MIDI setup).
- New extended information web links for remote controllers and skin content.
- Skins renamed to dark.bmp and white.bmp.
- Implemented sampler prev/next arrow loaders.
- Audio processing block size and sample rate properly updated to hosted VST plugins (fixed in minihost too). *
- Updated with latest scott's inline help and offline (chm) files.
- VST plugins instances not closed properly at deckadance shutdown. **
- VST plugins editors properly closed when closing deckadance interface (fixed crashes with numerous VST plugins at exit). ***

*,**,***: This fixes issues in Sytrus, EQUO, and probably many other VST plugins.

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