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Deckadance 1.04/1.05

Friday, April 27, 2007

- Big source code reorganisation and cleanup:
* Bughunt and performance tuning with Intel Thread Checker and Intel VTune software.
* Some potential threading issues solved.
* Source code simplified: now a single DirectWave object class inherints the polymorphism of VST plugin, OLE Drag & Drop target.
- Small bugfix: disk recorded default path was set to ../disk_recorder/record instead record.wav (was missing extension).
- New remote device: Kontrol DJ. (Directly USB supported via official SDK).
- Nag demo sound periodicity set to 3 minutes.
- Remote controller output feedback thread and USB input polling devices are moved now to a dedicated controller thread. (yet another one).
- Rewritten and better integrated OLE Drag & Drop support, with some bug fixes on the way.
- Beatmarkers in the peakscope made more prominent.
- Deprecated support for Hercules DJ Console Mp3 Light output feedback, and for some good reasons:
* Made Deckadance to require DX8 in client (customer) machine.
* Made Deckadance source code require full huge DX8 SDK rand even WinSock2 libraries to be compiled, therefore: no crossplatform.
* Lights output caused total unit halt under certain circustances anyway after a while (unknown reason).
* Made Deckadance crash / or heap corrupt at DI8 enumerating in Fred's computer (and probably many others).
* All this crap was just to flash on or off the LIGHTING leds.
* It's not even for support control, wich still works via normal MIDI, and as native device.
* The unit is not supported/selling by Hercules anymore.
* It's outdated. Use Mk2, is way better and led lights are nicer and works nicely too.
* We'll keep it as native controller for nostalgy, it's just leds wont be supported.
* Made Fred and me lost an invaluable time of debugging =) to find it's an imposssible to solve bug.