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Deckadance 1.06

Friday, May 25, 2007

- Demo version reminder box at startup (5 seconds).
- Fixed bug loop size not changing on the fly.
- Fixed a few problems with vestax jogwheels.
- Browser listing and browser search new progress / cancelation box.
- Cursor files (arrow.cur and finger.cur) moved to skin folder.
- Playlist allows now item swapping and insertion of new items in any position.
- Playlist scrolling w/mouse hovering while dragging items.
- Playlist: new progress folder scan information box with 'cancel search' button.
- Demo limitation changed to volume-dropdown with low-level white noise.
- Auto selection of HID USB devices when detected (Eks XP-10, Kontrol DJ).
- Enhanced FX control on Mk2, the 2 joystick buttons now acts as full effect on/off of each deck while joystick horizontal axis controls fx parameter.
- Fixed issue with host processin' buffers not cleared (plugin version, fixes Ableton Live and maybe others).
- Fixed nudge-leds problem with BCD-2000.
- VST: audio process / process Events optimizations.
- Security fixes and overall source code cleaning.
- Minihost: changed default settings.
- Minihost: indexed ASIO inputs and outputs.
- Minihost: Auto-setup when selecting an ASIO device of all MIDI input / output device settings, audio input / output assignments with deckadance control selection notification for BCD2000 and Hercules MK2 (others will follow soon).

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