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Deckadance 1.13

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

* [fix] - Downbeat and Start buttons aren't displayed correctly when a song is loaded [DD-11].
* [imp] - Improvement of the synchronization of decks [DD-12].
* [new] - Support for Behringer BCD3000 console [DD-13].
* [fix] - Auto&Manual "status displays" don't show the current automix state correctly [DD-14].
* [fix] - The loops/leaps synced to the nearest beat/bar sometimes doesn't work as expected [DD-15].
* [imp] - Improvement of the synchronization of decks when the host master tempo is active [DD-16].
* [fix] - When a file is dragged into the Toolbar then Deckadance crashes [DD-17].
* [fix] - Absolute mode position for MsPinky timecode cd control signal [DD-18].
* [imp] - Removed the startup demo dialog box [DD-19]. 
* [new] - Added instant realtime set cue point for BCD3000 and BCD2000 consoles [DD-20].
* [fix] - Songs sampled at a different rate than 44100 Hz. have problems with the sync function [DD-21].
* [fix] - When a deck is playing and it reach the end if you use the Sync function in the opposite deck some problems can arise [DD-22].
* [imp] - Improvement in the PFL monitoring section. Now it allows to blend between Main and PFL on the phones [DD-23].  
* [fix] - Echo effect doesn't synchronize correctly with the tempo of the song [DD-24].

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