Gibson Acquires Deckadance.
We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights. Deckadance will be sold under the Stanton brand.
As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible.

Existing Deckadance customers find instructions in their 'my licenses' page on how to migrate the Deckadance license and account to Gibson/Stanton (on the Cakewalk site). 
We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 and activation keys on our servers for the foreseeable future (deadline: 31 december 2016).


Version History
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= Improvement.
= Bug fix.
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Deckadance 1.30.9

Monday, September 1, 2008


New render engine for OSX [DD-62].

New render engine for Win32 [DD-63].

Native support for Vestax VCM-100 [DD-67].

New mapping for Vestax VCI-100 [DD-68].

Automatic store of cue points [DD-69].

Native support for Synq PCM-1 [DD-70].

New loop size visual mark preview [DD-75].

New keyboard shortcut list [DD-76].

New midi function list [DD-77].

New support for multiple midi input devices [DD-78].

New rewind support (via keyboard or midi) [DD-79].

Native support for Stanton scs-1d deck [DD-83].

Native support for Dj-Tech iMix and iMix reload [DD-84].

Support for 14 bit midi pitch messages. Deck A pitch is automatically mapped to midi ch 1 and deck B to ch 2 [DD-85].

New warning system displayed in the hint window [DD-86].

Deck load locked feature. Avoids problems at load times locking the playing decks [DD-87].

New loop move feature. In loop mode the jump buttons now moves the full loop forward or backward (1 beat/bar) [DD-88].

Native support for M-Audio Xponent [DD-92].

Native support for Hercules Console MK2 (win & osx) [DD-93].

Native support for Hercules Control MP3 (win & osx) [DD-94].

Added direct links to get more information about the supported remote controllers [DD-97].

Added new skins: Blue, New White, Synq, Vestax and Dj-Tech [DD-99].

Added jog control to the EXT CTRL panel for House and LE editions [DD-101].

Native support for Hercules dj console RMX (win & osx) [DD-105].

Native support for EKS XP10 and XP5 (win & osx) [DD-106].

Manual Loop in, Loop out/exit and reloop/stutter via keyboard shortcuts [DD-110]:

         DECK A->Loop in: "ctrl+i", Loop out: "ctrl+o", Reloop: "ctrl+r".

         DECK B->Loop in: "ctrl+k", Loop out: "ctrl+l", Reloop: "ctrl+f".

Left mouse click&hold over the waveform/vinyl disk stop the song, when you release the mouse button the song continues [DD-112].



Fixed a bug in the browser, now folders can be stored in the favorites list (win32) [DD-71].

Fixed a small visual bug in the hitech skin (Beat Align button) [DD-72].

Fixed a bug with the filesize warning message for wav files with a size minor than 300MB [DD-73].

Fixed a bug with big filesizes in automix mode [DD-80].

Fixed deck sync behavior problem when load tracks [DD-90].

Fixed a bug in the minihost that causes in some rare situations a problem at startup not showing the main window [DD-91].

Fixed a bug in the Vestax VCI-100 mapping that caused problems with the jogs [DD-95].

Fixed some problems with the sampler in the powerpc architecture (osx) [DD-98].

Fixed some bugs in the Vestax and White skins [DD-102].

Fixed some problems with the sampler when Beat Sync is deactivated [DD-104].

Fixed a problem with the keyboard shortcuts for loading songs to the decks [DD-109].



Reduced significantly %CPU usage in OSX and Win32 [DD-64].

Improved minihost window resize [DD-65].

General improvements and bug fixes [DD-66].

Increased the size for the filesize warning message (30MB for mp3 files and 300MB for wav files) [DD-74].

Improved contrast of search waveform [DD-81].

Improved samples directory handling [DD-82].

Improved samples volume stored among sessions [DD-89].

Improved pitch fluctuation behavior in DVS [DD-96].

Improved scratch behavior for the Kontrol Dj KDJ500 controller [DD-103].

Improved midi input behavior [DD-108].

Improved the cue/play behavior. If you are in cue play mode, when you switch the play the song doesn't stop [DD-111].



Removed the old black, white and vestax skins [DD-100].

Removed temporally the DVS improvement in the special case of timecode cd's [DD-107].


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