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Deckadance 1.30.9

Monday, September 1, 2008

* [new] - New render engine for OSX [DD-62].

* [new] - New render engine for Win32 [DD-63].

* [imp] - Reduced significantly %CPU usage in OSX and Win32 [DD-64].

* [imp] - Improved minihost window resize [DD-65].

* [imp] - General improvements and bug fixes [DD-66].

* [new] - Native support for Vestax VCM-100 [DD-67].

* [new] - New mapping for Vestax VCI-100 [DD-68].

* [new] - Automatic store of cue points [DD-69].

* [new] - Native support for Synq PCM-1 [DD-70].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug in the browser, now folders can be stored in the favorites list (win32) [DD-71].

* [fix] - Fixed a small visual bug in the hitech skin (Beat Align button) [DD-72].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug with the filesize warning message for wav files with a size minor than 300MB [DD-73].

* [imp] - Increased the size for the filesize warning message (30MB for mp3 files and 300MB for wav files) [DD-74].

* [new] - New loop size visual mark preview [DD-75].

* [new] - New keyboard shortcut list [DD-76].

* [new] - New midi function list [DD-77].

* [new] - New support for multiple midi input devices [DD-78].

* [new] - New rewind support (via keyboard or midi) [DD-79].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug with big filesizes in automix mode [DD-80].

* [imp] - Improved contrast of search waveform [DD-81].

* [imp] - Improved samples directory handling [DD-82].

* [new] - Native support for Stanton scs-1d deck [DD-83].

* [new] - Native support for Dj-Tech iMix and iMix reload [DD-84].

* [new] - Support for 14 bit midi pitch messages. Deck A pitch is automatically mapped to midi ch 1 and deck B to ch 2 [DD-85].

* [new] - New warning system displayed in the hint window [DD-86].

* [new] - Deck load locked feature. Avoids problems at load times locking the playing decks [DD-87].

* [new] - New loop move feature. In loop mode the jump buttons now moves the full loop forward or backward (1 beat/bar) [DD-88].

* [imp] - Improved samples volume stored among sessions [DD-89].

* [fix] - Fixed deck sync behavior problem when load tracks [DD-90].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug in the minihost that causes in some rare situations a problem at startup not showing the main window [DD-91].

* [new] - Native support for M-Audio Xponent [DD-92].

* [new] - Native support for Hercules Console MK2 (win & osx) [DD-93].

* [new] - Native support for Hercules Control MP3 (win & osx) [DD-94].

* [fix] - Fixed a bug in the Vestax VCI-100 mapping that caused problems with the jogs [DD-95].

* [imp] - Improved pitch fluctuation behavior in DVS [DD-96].

* [new] - Added direct links to get more information about the supported remote controllers [DD-97].

* [fix] - Fixed some problems with the sampler in the powerpc architecture (osx) [DD-98].

* [new] - Added new skins: Blue, New White, Synq, Vestax and Dj-Tech [DD-99].

* [chg] = Removed the old black, white and vestax skins [DD-100].

* [new] - Added jog control to the EXT CTRL panel for House and LE editions [DD-101].

* [fix] - Fixed some bugs in the Vestax and White skins [DD-102].

* [imp] - Improved scratch behavior for the Kontrol Dj KDJ500 controller [DD-103].

* [fix] - Fixed some problems with the sampler when Beat Sync is deactivated [DD-104].

* [new] - Native support for Hercules dj console RMX (win & osx) [DD-105].

* [new] - Native support for EKS XP10 and XP5 (win & osx) [DD-106].

* [chg] - Removed temporally the DVS improvement in the special case of timecode cd's [DD-107].

* [imp] - Improved midi input behavior [DD-108].

* [fix] - Fixed a problem with the keyboard shortcuts for loading songs to the decks [DD-109].

* [new] - Manual Loop in, Loop out/exit and reloop/stutter via keyboard shortcuts [DD-110]:

         DECK A->Loop in: "ctrl+i", Loop out: "ctrl+o", Reloop: "ctrl+r".

         DECK B->Loop in: "ctrl+k", Loop out: "ctrl+l", Reloop: "ctrl+f".

* [imp] - Improved the cue/play behavior. If you are in cue play mode, when you switch the play the song doesn't stop [DD-111].

* [new] - Left mouse click&hold over the waveform/vinyl disk stop the song, when you release the mouse button the song continues [DD-112].

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