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Deckadance 1.40.3

Monday, December 1, 2008


New option in the setup panel to switch between the old sound engine and the new one that uses elastique [DD-142].

New minihost look and feel [DD-144].

Added support for EKS Otus [DD-145].

New setup panel design [DD-137].

New in-built support for midi streaming, it improves the midi latency and jitter problems [DD-138].

New sound engine with improved time-stretching/compression technology (zplane elastique v2.1) [DD-125].

New BPM setup panel and beatgrid system (Manual tempo, Tap tempo, BeatGrid move, Rescan) [DD-126].

New spectral waveform color feature [DD-127].

New pitch range selection (6%, 8%, 10%, 16%, 20%, 50%) [DD-128].

New Equalization filters design with improved kill behavior [DD-129].

Added scratch and spinback native support to the following controllers: Hercules (MKII, MP3 Console, Rmx),

         Numark Total Control, Behringer BCD2000/BCD3000 [DD-130].

Autogain engine (perceived loudness algorithm) [DD-134].



Fix a sound problem when Deckadance plugin is hosted in some audio applications [DD-141].

Fix a crash bug at closing DD when the gui of some hosted vst plugins is opened [DD-133].



Improved the seek waveform, now it shows the start and cue points [DD-143].

Improved support of Behringer BCD2000 [DD-146].

Sampler engine improved with time-stretching/compression technology (zplane elastique v2.1) [DD-135].

Sampler engine low/high pass filter redesign [DD-136].

Improved the native support of midi controllers when Deckadance plugin is hosted by FL or Ableton Live [DD-139].

Added gain control to Synq PCM-1 native suport (shift+jog) [DD-132].



Deckadance plugin input/outputs now exposed like stereo channels [DD-140].

Change momentary loop on VCI-100 native support to loop switch [DD-131].


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