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Deckadance 1.60

Monday, June 1, 2009


[new] - Itunes integration panel. You can browse your iTunes Library and drop songs onto playlist from this new panel [DD-189].

[new] - New Deckadance Control CD Creator to generate an ultra-accurate timecode file for cd players [DD-192].

[new] - Added support for Dj-Tech iMix MKII [DD-193].

[new] - Added support for Numark Omni Control [DD-194].

[new] - New Audio Setup panel with different configuration options for inputs & outputs and intelligent auto-mapping behaviour [DD-190].

[new] - New Setup Global Options with improved design and extended options [DD-191].

[new] - Added support for Japanese glyphs in playlist/browser items [DD-195].

[chg] - Simplified version numbering (X.XX format) [DD-197].

[imp] - Improved multi drop files from Finder onto Deckadance (Mac OSX) [DD-198].

[fix] - Fix DVS absolute mode position detection bug introduced since 1.50.2 [DD-199].

[fix] - Fix some problems in the MIDI kernel engine [DD-200].

[fix] - Fix drag and drop files from Explorer with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-201].

[fix] - Fix playlist Open & Save problems with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-202].

[fix] - Fix midi setup Open & Save problems with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-203].

[fix] - Fix importing iTunes playlist with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-204].

[fix] - Fix some problems when beatmarks are saved [DD-205].

[imp] - Improved loading of OGG & WAV files [DD-206].

[imp] - Improved VSTi plugin support for Mac host applications [DD-207].

[chg] - Change shortcut for mouse fine pitch control to "SHIFT" key [DD-208].

[fix] - Fix "CTRL+key" shortcuts problem on Mac OSX [DD-209].