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Deckadance 1.61

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[new] - New BPM detector engine with improved beat tracking (...remember to re-analyze your library) [DD-210].

[new] - New search function for playlist and itunes panels [DD-211].

[new] - New playlist archive history. DD saves automatically the last playlist played to the "playlists" folder [DD-212].

[new] - Added support for Reloop Digital Jockey midi controller (FW 2.6) [DD-213].

[imp] - Improved search input boxes (unicode support) [DD-214].

[fix] - Fixed some folder installation problems [DD-215].

[chg] - Changed DownBeat button behaviour. Now, it's possible to move the beatgrid in 1/8 note length [DD-216].

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