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Deckadance 1.70

Friday, January 1, 2010

[new] - Support for the following formats: mp3, flac, m4a (iTunes), wma, wav, aiff and ogg [DD-225].

[new] - New show tooltips inline help system [DD-226].

[new] - New multi-language support for help system: ENG, FRA, GER, ITA, NED and SPA [DD-227].

[new] - New dialog box for batch analysis of files in directories [DD-228].

[new] - New Image-Line GrossBeat support [DD-229].

[chg] - Removed message box confirmation when removing files from playlist [DD-230].

[chg] - Shortcut "CTRL + A" select all files and "CTRL + M" enables/disables automix [DD-231].

[fix] - Fix a crash problem when DD is hosted by Live on Mac platform [DD-232].

[imp] - Improved keyboard behavior for pitch, volume, master volume and phones volume controls [DD-233].

[imp] - Improved support of soundcards in Windows platform [DD-234].

[new] - Added support for American Audio DP2 [DD-235].

[new] - Added support for Dj-Tech DjForAll [DD-236].