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Deckadance 2.42

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[new] - New Elastique v3 engine with improved transient processing.
[new] - New multi controller support (via scripting).
[new] - Added native support for Behringer CMD 2A.
[new] - Added native support for Casio XW-DJ1.
[fix] - Fix iTunes library importing problem for OSX (Yosemite update).
[fix] - Fixed crashes at song loading.
[fix] - Fixed leap function.
[fix] - Fixed warning messages drawing.
[fix] - Fixed manual editing of filepaths in the song manager.
[chg] - Changed preferences dialog window for MIDI scripting and ILRemote areas.
[chg] - Changed some midi scripting commands from toggle to momentary ones: SYNC_LOCK, SNAP, LOOP, LEAP, KEY_LOCK, FX_(HIGH/MID/LOW)_BAND_GROUP and EFFECT_ON.

Deckadance 2.30

Monday, September 15, 2014

[new] - New IL Remote app support [DD-317].
[new] - New utility panels: EQ, Gain & Filter, Volume, Mix & Isolator, FX and Grossbeat [DD-318].
[new] - Added splash screen for standalone version [DD-319].
[new] - Added new MIDI script commands PLAY_X, PHASE_SYNC_X, BEAT_ID_X, STANDALONE and TRACK_POSITION_X [DD-320].
[new] - Added support for ESI soundcards [DD-321].
[fix] - Fixed keyboard shortcuts support [DD-322].
[fix] - Fixed problem with soundcard samplerates >= 99600KHz [DD-323].
[fix] - Fixed synchronization problem with the leap out function in snap mode [DD-324].
[imp] - Added switching of midi ports between standard midi page and script one [DD-325].
[chg] - Changed MIDI preferences dialog design plus internal changes to the midi engine [DD-326].

Deckadance 2.25

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[new] - Added VST parameters visibility for the plugin version [DD-315].
[new] - Added native support for Casio XW-J1 [DD-316].

Deckadance 2.24

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[new] - Added midi scripting [DD-310].

[fix] - Fixed program hang when loading one song in a deck while it's currently loading another one [DD-311].
[fix] - Fixed jog touch sensor detection while backspin [DD-312].
[fix] - Fixed problem with auto detection of Behringer CMD controllers [DD-313].
[fix] - Fixed problem when using various identical controllers at the same time [DD-314].

Deckadance 2.10

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[new] - Added native support for Behringer CMD 4A, MM-1, PL-1, DV-1, MICRO, DC-1, LC-1 controllers [DD-309].

Deckadance 2.00

Thursday, April 18, 2013

[new] - Decks, 2 or 4 deck mixing [DD-302].
[new] - Smartknobs - Link a single knob to any number of FX & Mixer interface targets under user programmable envelope control [DD-303].
[new] - GrossBeat - 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor [DD-304].
[new] - Frequency isolated effects - Up to 3 chained insert effects per track [DD-305].
[new] - Sampler – 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes [DD-306].
[new] - Smart Panels. User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. From 2 to 8 per deck [DD-307].
[new] - Customizable interface. Configure decks, smart panels and Function panels [DD-308].

Deckadance 1.94

Monday, March 5, 2012

[new] - Added native support for Vestax VCI-400 [DD-290].

[new] - Added native support for Vestax VCI-100 mkII [DD-291].

[new] - Added utilities popup menu for itunes items (load to A, load to B and preview) [DD-292].

[new] - Added utilities popup menu for filebrowser items (load to A, load to B and preview) [DD-293].

[fix] - Fixed problem of skipping beats when loop out is executed [DD-294].

[fix] - Fixed problem with leap function not working correctly in version 1.93 [DD-295].

[fix] - Fixed problem with relooper triggering inside loops [DD-296].

[fix] - Fixed problem with minihost when the program is closed an no soundcard is selected [DD-297].

[fix] - Fixed problem with auto detection of Synq DMC2000 [DD-298].

[chg] - Changed default music path to user's music folder [DD-299].

Deckadance 1.93

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[new] - Added font size option in setup window [DD-277].

[new] - Added song manager resizer buttons [DD-278].

[new] - Added rating read from ID3V2 tags at song import [DD-279].

[chg] - Change low equalizer band design and behavior of kill buttons [DD-280].

[chg] - Changed behavior of sync button (momentary/lock) [DD-281].

[fix] - Fixed sample recorder & save function [DD-282].

[fix] - Fixed re-analysis process and results update [DD-283].

[fix] - Fixed key change interference with beat align [DD-284].

[fix] - Fixed reload of tags in the song manager [DD-285].

[fix] - Fixed master bpm editing in minihost for OSX [DD-286].

[fix] - Fixed mouse down events for some problematic hosts in OSX [DD-287].

[imp] - Improved midi mapping for Synq DMC2000 mixer section [DD-288].

[new] - Added integration of recommendation system to DigitalDj edition [DD-289].

Deckadance 1.92

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[new] - New synchronization engine. Support for sync inside other vst hosts [DD-270].

[new] - Added SNAP and QUANTIZE functions [DD-271].

[new] - Song Manager fully integrated into DD [DD-272].

[new] - New File Tree browser [DD-273].

[new] - New Options & Setup organized into a unified tabbed system [DD-274].

[new] - Added support for Synq DMC-2000 [DD-275].

[chg]  - Changed keyboard shortcuts [DD-276]:

             DECK A->Downbeat: "ctrl+u".

             DECK B->Downbeat: "ctrl+j".

             PREVIEW: "ctrl+p".

Deckadance 1.80

Thursday, May 6, 2010

[new] - The fastest database driven Song Manager available (will be integrated in DD1.9) [DD-253].

[new] - New Recording engine with threaded streaming to disk [DD-254].

[new] - Added SNAP to the closest beat in the waveform for loops, cues, waveform seek and start position [DD-255].

[new] - Added DVS runout protection with auto engange and visual feedback [DD-256].

[new] - Added Lead In function in DVS section [DD-257].

[imp] - Improved DVS behavior for large audio buffer sizes [DD-258].

[imp] - Incremented to 30 seconds the minimum playing time to mark a song like played [DD-259].

[imp] - Added right click over played state to reset it [DD-260].

[chg] - Removed clear played state of tracks when automix is enabled [DD-261].

[imp] - Updated minihost look and added song manager start button [DD-262].

[fix]   - Fix a problem with record file dialog [DD-263].

[new] - Added downbeat and start position keyboard shortcuts [DD-264]:

            DECK A->Downbeat: "ctrl+t", Start Position: "ctrl+y".

            DECK B->Downbeat: "ctrl+g", Start Position: "ctrl+h".

[new] - Added "key slider" and "key slider inverted" to the midi learn commands [DD-265].

[chg] - Incremented decks buffer size to 15 minutes [DD-266].

[new] - Added support for Vestax Typhoon [DD-267].

[new] - Added support for American Audio VMS4 [DD-268].

[new] - Added support for Hercules Console MK4 [DD-269].

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