Gibson Acquires Deckadance.
We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights. Deckadance will be sold under the Stanton brand.
As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible.

Existing Deckadance customers find instructions in their 'my licenses' page on how to migrate the Deckadance license and account to Gibson/Stanton (on the Cakewalk site). 
We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 and activation keys on our servers for the foreseeable future (deadline: 31 december 2016).


Version History
= New Feature.
= Improvement.
= Bug fix.
= Change.
= Known issue.
= Deckadance internal reference issue number.

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Deckadance 1.93

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Added font size option in setup window [DD-277].

Added song manager resizer buttons [DD-278].

Added rating read from ID3V2 tags at song import [DD-279].

Added integration of recommendation system to DigitalDj edition [DD-289].



Change low equalizer band design and behavior of kill buttons [DD-280].

Changed behavior of sync button (momentary/lock) [DD-281].



Fixed sample recorder & save function [DD-282].

Fixed re-analysis process and results update [DD-283].

Fixed key change interference with beat align [DD-284].

Fixed reload of tags in the song manager [DD-285].

Fixed master bpm editing in minihost for OSX [DD-286].

Fixed mouse down events for some problematic hosts in OSX [DD-287].



Improved midi mapping for Synq DMC2000 mixer section [DD-288].


Deckadance 1.92

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


New synchronization engine. Support for sync inside other vst hosts [DD-270].

Added SNAP and QUANTIZE functions [DD-271].

Song Manager fully integrated into DD [DD-272].

New File Tree browser [DD-273].

New Options & Setup organized into a unified tabbed system [DD-274].

Added support for Synq DMC-2000 [DD-275].



Changed keyboard shortcuts [DD-276]:

             DECK A->Downbeat: "ctrl+u".

             DECK B->Downbeat: "ctrl+j".

             PREVIEW: "ctrl+p".

Deckadance 1.80

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The fastest database driven Song Manager available (will be integrated in DD1.9) [DD-253].

New Recording engine with threaded streaming to disk [DD-254].

Added SNAP to the closest beat in the waveform for loops, cues, waveform seek and start position [DD-255].

Added DVS runout protection with auto engange and visual feedback [DD-256].

Added Lead In function in DVS section [DD-257].

Added downbeat and start position keyboard shortcuts [DD-264]:

            DECK A->Downbeat: "ctrl+t", Start Position: "ctrl+y".

            DECK B->Downbeat: "ctrl+g", Start Position: "ctrl+h".

Added "key slider" and "key slider inverted" to the midi learn commands [DD-265].

Added support for Vestax Typhoon [DD-267].

Added support for American Audio VMS4 [DD-268].

Added support for Hercules Console MK4 [DD-269].



Fix a problem with record file dialog [DD-263].



Improved DVS behavior for large audio buffer sizes [DD-258].

Incremented to 30 seconds the minimum playing time to mark a song like played [DD-259].

Added right click over played state to reset it [DD-260].

Updated minihost look and added song manager start button [DD-262].



Removed clear played state of tracks when automix is enabled [DD-261].

Incremented decks buffer size to 15 minutes [DD-266].


Deckadance 1.72

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Added support for Dj-Tech Pocket Dj [DD-249].

Added support for Dj-Tech uSolo Fx [DD-250].

Added Open LE edition (...only for internal reference) [DD-252].



Modified midi mapping for jogs in Hercules DJ Console MK2 / MP3 models [DD-251].

Deckadance 1.71

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Tag reading support for flac, m4a, wma and ogg [DD-237].

Auto crossfader buttons jumps to next song in automix mode [DD-238].

Added auto-detection of midi controllers [DD-239].

Added "Deck Transport Reverse" via keyboard shortcuts and/or midi learn [DD-240]:

          DECK A->Transport Reverse: "ctrl+b".

          DECK B->Transport Reverse: "ctrl+n".

Added "Key Lock" and "Key Tuning" commands to the midi learn list [DD-241].

Added support for Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 [DD-242].

Added support for [fix] - Fix VST routing in external mode [DD-248].

Deckadance 1.70

Friday, January 1, 2010


Support for the following formats: mp3, flac, m4a (iTunes), wma, wav, aiff and ogg [DD-225].

New show tooltips inline help system [DD-226].

New multi-language support for help system: ENG, FRA, GER, ITA, NED and SPA [DD-227].

New dialog box for batch analysis of files in directories [DD-228].

New Image-Line GrossBeat support [DD-229].

Added support for American Audio DP2 [DD-235].

Added support for Dj-Tech DjForAll [DD-236].



Fix a crash problem when DD is hosted by Live on Mac platform [DD-232].




Improved keyboard behavior for pitch, volume, master volume and phones volume controls [DD-233].

Improved support of soundcards in Windows platform [DD-234].



Removed message box confirmation when removing files from playlist [DD-230].

Shortcut "CTRL + A" select all files and "CTRL + M" enables/disables automix [DD-231].


Deckadance 1.63

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Added support for Dj-Tech 101 series [DD-221].



Fix a problem with setup and itunes buttons in LE version [DD-222].

Fix a crash problem at BPM analysis with a few rare sound files [DD-223].

Fix a problem with the VCM-100 midi mapping [DD-224].

Deckadance 1.62

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Fix "Drag & Drop" problem from iTunes on Mac OSX [DD-217].



Improved minihost support for some soundcards (Windows) [DD-219].

Improved support of MsPinky vinyls in absolute mode for side B [DD-220].



Changed Key slider behaviour. Now, moving the slider changes the key in semitones (shift+move = fine adjustment) [DD-218].



Deckadance 1.61

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


New BPM detector engine with improved beat tracking (...remember to re-analyze your library) [DD-210].

New search function for playlist and itunes panels [DD-211].

New playlist archive history. DD saves automatically the last playlist played to the "playlists" folder [DD-212].

Added support for Reloop Digital Jockey midi controller (FW 2.6) [DD-213].



Fixed some folder installation problems [DD-215].



Improved search input boxes (unicode support) [DD-214].



Changed DownBeat button behaviour. Now, it's possible to move the beatgrid in 1/8 note length [DD-216].

Deckadance 1.60

Monday, June 1, 2009


Itunes integration panel. You can browse your iTunes Library and drop songs onto playlist from this new panel [DD-189].

New Deckadance Control CD Creator to generate an ultra-accurate timecode file for cd players [DD-192].

Added support for Dj-Tech iMix MKII [DD-193].

Added support for Numark Omni Control [DD-194].

New Audio Setup panel with different configuration options for inputs & outputs and intelligent auto-mapping behaviour [DD-190].

New Setup Global Options with improved design and extended options [DD-191].

Added support for Japanese glyphs in playlist/browser items [DD-195].



Fix DVS absolute mode position detection bug introduced since 1.50.2 [DD-199].

Fix some problems in the MIDI kernel engine [DD-200].

Fix drag and drop files from Explorer with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-201].

Fix playlist Open & Save problems with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-202].

Fix midi setup Open & Save problems with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-203].

Fix importing iTunes playlist with non ASCII characters (Windows) [DD-204].

Fix some problems when beatmarks are saved [DD-205].

Fix "CTRL+key" shortcuts problem on Mac OSX [DD-209].



Improved multi drop files from Finder onto Deckadance (Mac OSX) [DD-198].

Improved loading of OGG & WAV files [DD-206].

Improved VSTi plugin support for Mac host applications [DD-207].



Change shortcut for mouse fine pitch control to "SHIFT" key [DD-208].

Simplified version numbering (X.XX format) [DD-197].


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