Gibson Acquires Deckadance.
We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights. Deckadance will be sold under the Stanton brand.
As the sale was a friendly and strategic move for both companies, Image-Line and Gibson will collaborate closely to create the smoothest transition possible.

Existing Deckadance customers find instructions in their 'my licenses' page on how to migrate the Deckadance license and account to Gibson/Stanton (on the Cakewalk site). 
We will continue to host Deckadance 2.43 and activation keys on our servers for the foreseeable future (deadline: 31 december 2016).


Version History
= New Feature.
= Improvement.
= Bug fix.
= Change.
= Known issue.
= Deckadance internal reference issue number.

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Deckadance 1.08

Monday, June 18, 2007


New USB HID code, allowing hot plug'n'play and autodetection (Hercules DJ Consoles [all series], Eks Xp10 and KontrolDJ). Others will come in future.
All hercules DJ series are handled now via USB HID interface.

New Absolute mode system (now works decently). *** ONLY MS.PINKY VTC'S / CD'S ***.



Fixed bug wich caused inputs buffers to be cleared, making timecode vinyls stop working.

Fixed wrong file dialogs filters.



Some Kontrol-DJ improvements.
Remote device feedback output moved to his own thread.
Made playback/cue/pitchbend nudge buttons more prominent in the dark GUI.
Timecode tracking latency minimized (32 samples instead 64).


Deckadance 1.07

Friday, June 1, 2007


New deployable browser system.
Other optimizations.



Fixed main VST function exports problem.

Deckadance 1.06

Friday, May 25, 2007


VST: audio process / process Events optimizations.

Playlist allows now item swapping and insertion of new items in any position.
Playlist scrolling w/mouse hovering while dragging items.
Playlist: new progress folder scan information box with 'cancel search' button.

Minihost: changed default settings.
Minihost: indexed ASIO inputs and outputs.
Minihost: Auto-setup when selecting an ASIO device of all MIDI input / output device settings, audio input / output assignments with deckadance control selection notification for BCD2000 and Hercules MK2 (others will follow soon).



Fixed bug loop size not changing on the fly.
Fixed a few problems with vestax jogwheels.

Fixed issue with host processin' buffers not cleared (plugin version, fixes Ableton Live and maybe others).
Fixed nudge-leds problem with BCD-2000.

Security fixes and overall source code cleaning.



Demo version reminder box at startup (5 seconds).
Browser listing and browser search new progress / cancelation box.

Auto selection of HID USB devices when detected (Eks XP-10, Kontrol DJ).
Enhanced FX control on Mk2, the 2 joystick buttons now acts as full effect on/off of each deck while joystick horizontal axis controls fx parameter.



Cursor files (arrow.cur and finger.cur) moved to skin folder.

Demo limitation changed to volume-dropdown with low-level white noise.


Deckadance 1.04/1.05

Friday, April 27, 2007


New remote device: Kontrol DJ. (Directly USB supported via official SDK).



Bughunt and performance tuning with Intel Thread Checker and Intel VTune software.
Some potential threading issues solved.

Small bugfix: disk recorded default path was set to ../disk_recorder/record instead record.wav (was missing extension).



Big source code reorganisation and cleanup.

* Made Deckadance to require DX8 in client (customer) machine.
* Made Deckadance source code require full huge DX8 SDK rand even WinSock2 libraries to be compiled, therefore: no crossplatform.
* Lights output caused total unit halt under certain circustances anyway after a while (unknown reason).
* Made Deckadance crash / or heap corrupt at DI8 enumerating in Fred's computer (and probably many others).
* All this crap was just to flash on or off the LIGHTING leds.
* It's not even for support control, wich still works via normal MIDI, and as native device.
* The unit is not supported/selling by Hercules anymore.
* It's outdated. Use Mk2, is way better and led lights are nicer and works nicely too.
* We'll keep it as native controller for nostalgy, it's just leds wont be supported.
* Made Fred and me lost an invaluable time of debugging =) to find it's an imposssible to solve bug.
Source code simplified: now a single DirectWave object class inherints the polymorphism of VST plugin, OLE Drag & Drop target.


Nag demo sound periodicity set to 3 minutes.
Remote controller output feedback thread and USB input polling devices are moved now to a dedicated controller thread. (yet another one).
Rewritten and better integrated OLE Drag & Drop support, with some bug fixes on the way.
Beatmarkers in the peakscope made more prominent.
Deprecated support for Hercules DJ Console Mp3 Light output feedback, and for some good reasons:

Deckadance 1.03

Friday, March 30, 2007

- Full Vestax VCI-100 support.
- Added deck balance and master volume (VCI-100 specific).
- Added FIFO gui thread action queue list system for certain operations such as request deck loading or preview from MIDI commands and other cases.
- More robust deck audio import threading.
- Fixed bug when playing less than 1 beat sized samples.
- Added DC blockers filters.
- Peakscope now shows beatmarks.
- Exception handler around hercules mp3 dj console initialization. (fixes DX8 crashes on certain systems).
- Added 2 Midi Setup pages with row for more future generic MIDI control items.
- Added new VST Host gain generic midi controllers.
- Added new master volume generic midi controllers.
- New skin selector with thumbnail on setup.
- New remote controller device selector in setup. (moved from MIDI setup).
- New extended information web links for remote controllers and skin content.
- Skins renamed to dark.bmp and white.bmp.
- Implemented sampler prev/next arrow loaders.
- Audio processing block size and sample rate properly updated to hosted VST plugins (fixed in minihost too). *
- Updated with latest scott's inline help and offline (chm) files.
- VST plugins instances not closed properly at deckadance shutdown. **
- VST plugins editors properly closed when closing deckadance interface (fixed crashes with numerous VST plugins at exit). ***

*,**,***: This fixes issues in Sytrus, EQUO, and probably many other VST plugins.

Deckadance 1.01

Friday, March 9, 2007


Version number drawn in 'about' box.
New file-based help system. (check 'deckadance_inline_help.txt' file for more information).



More GUI modificactions to the browser. (bigger path/parent buttons, etc).


Deckadance 1.00

Monday, March 5, 2007


Added favourite folders in the browser.
New looping selection system, 9 loop types: from 1/32 to 8/1 loop.
New loop 'beat-sync' switch, when enabled, it will align loops to nearest beatmark positions.

Added new DMX bottom pages (further implementation).
Added new help middle page tab.
Added KontrolDJ native support.
Added 'Force Beattrack Analysis' option, it will override beatmark files and will analyse tracks always.

Added F1 key help invoking.

Added tempo threshold switch.
Added monitor PFL "overdrive" option, useful in certain situations where PFL monitor needs extra "coloured" boost.
Minihost: 'File & General Settings' can be now accesed from options menu (only when hosting deckadance). [Scott].
Lots of GUI enhancements and skin re-organisation.
Projects converted to Intel Compiler solutions.

VST host: used "resvd2" instead "user" ptr to store vst editor parent window handle. [Fred].
VST host: second SetWindowPos called against to update VST plugin editor size, this fixes some plugins showing wrong editor size. [Fred]



Some minor setup data bugfixes.

Fixed minor slashdot (\\\\,/) inconsistency in browser path / folders.

Deck Track, Slave and Sync buttons corrected placement and appareance.
Middle display: scratch and drag&drop will only work in 'peakscope' mode and not the rest of the middle section pages.



'.wav' extension in setup / disk recorded file path now is specified / supported.

Rewritten setup config system, as native GUI.
Setup config changes now doesnt need to be applied anymore, instant changes are taken.
Beatmark information is now restored before decoding the file and not after.
Holding "control" key when loading a track will force reanalysis.

Several right-browser improvements

Made Vestax Skin more readable.

Clicking on 'Deckadance' logo about section will open deckadance website.

Sampler pitch moved to up and down buttons.
Deck monitor rout switch state is now stored as setup register.
Enhanced accuracy of deck monitor vumeters.

* From now and on, deckadance and minihost are compiled using intel latest ICC (9.1.037 at this point).
* Faster, parallelized code, multiple processor extensions supported (incl. SSE3 and CoreDuo), tested on iMac 17'' Intel Core Duo [1.8Ghz] taking 4-5% of CPU only.
* Tested on AMD x64 3800+, 4% CPU vs 7% wich took with MS compiler formerly. (nearly 200% performance boost).



Slighty different beatmark drawing.
Decks monitor rout and deck to monitor vumeter placed now in a single control box.

Deckadance 0.99

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

- Several gui/skin changes.
- New lowpass/highpass multimode -24dB/octave moog filters for the sampler slots.
- New filters for the deck effects aswell w/smooth ramped cutoff transitions.
- Some speed optimizations in the effect section.
- New Vestax skin with VCI100 bolts / jog wheels draw when the skin filename is 'vestax' (.bmp).
- MIDI channel messages now have the channel masked (zeroed) when using any of the native supported devices (to avoid config MIDI channel clashes).
- MIDI sysex messages are now bypassed (when required).
- Added Allen & Heath Xone:3D native support.
- Vestax VCI-100 support. (not finished, need the unit).
- The step/position playback bar in the samplers are colour-coded by the selected deck colour. (skinnable).
- Bass band equalizer reset when disabling "bass-crossfader" mode.
- Fixed mic input to master output mixing problem.
- Now allows the vynil control button (play button when not in vinyl mode) to turn off vynil control.
- Deck pitch is reset to center after vinyl control is switched off.
- Bugfix: fixed problem wich caused common file dialogs not to appear.
- The learn timecode button in the vinyl control tab is more prominent now.
- Vinyl display turns (on the screen) when the vinyl/CDJ is turning as well regardless of the deck loaded/track playback position.
- Record learn timecode button in vinyl control made a bit more prominent.
- Minihost: added Deckadance.chm help file.
- Minihost: new interface.
- Minihost: added minimize/close button in deckadance (fullscreen) mode.
- etc...

Deckadance 0.97

Friday, November 24, 2006

- Updated skin.
- Peakscope display not longer make any weird stretching or hiding when dragging/scratching it.
- Nag demo sound wont play if both decks are stopped.

Deckadance 0.96

Friday, November 17, 2006


Added new monitor preview "mini-player":

  • supports all deckadance formats and shares the same loading system (multithreaded).
  • Double-click on any audio track on browser or playlist to listen.
  • Full seeking support.
  • Routed to monitor PFL.
  • Floating window interface.

New new deck "beat-sync" system.
Right-clicking on play will align tracks with new "beat-sync" method.
Added generic MIDI controls and BCD2000 native controls (back to top) for new deck "beat-sync".
Added setup "update-downbeat" at playback launch option.

Added new relooper options: mix mode, beat aligned mode, randomize, clear and swap.
Added deck gain controls.

Added Generic Midi / BCD2000 for gain control.

Added slow decoder/analyzer threads mode (recommended for single core systems).

Track beatmark log (beatmarks.log in deckadance installation directory).



Fixed VST host not closing plugin's editor properly when on re-instancing.
Fixed lame bug that caused all OGG Vorbis files to load mono.

Misc. bugfixes and improvements.



You can launch now audio & midi setup settings from deckadance setup dialog. This only will work with minihost 0.36.

Peakscope and Spectroscope now are mouse scratch pads. (useful when aligning beat/peaks manually).
You can also drag & drop of tracks in Peakscope / Spectroscope from browser or playlist.

And finally =) now you can also switch transport (play/pause) right clicking on central display aswell.
No longer need to wait until a deck has finished loading to reload a new one.
New placement (more symmetrical) for some deck status leds (scratch, loading / scan progress, etc).
Flipped peakscope.
Eq killers working -72 dB.

Demo sound wont sound at the startup of the program but 2 minutes later, and then periodicity is set to 3 minutes.


Implement 4 new master effects.


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