DirectWave Player is included for free in all versions of FL Studio and allows you to play all DirectWave content available from our SampleFusion library.

The demo's in this pages player
are created using Varazdin Orchestral and don't come with DirectWave by default.

DirectWave Screenshot (Click for larger image)

Player included in all FL Studio Editions

Player version:
DirectWave installs as a 'player' version, free for all FL Studio users. DirectWave (player) channels will be saved along with the projects as normal.

The DirectWave Player limitations are:
Only DirectWave's own formats (*.dwp & *.dwb) can be loaded, VST sampling is disabled, external samples can not be added to patches nor can new patches be created.

To unlock the extra functions including: Editing patches, adding samples, recording, sampling VST instruments, loading 3rd party formats then DirectWave full version needs to be purchased separately.

DirectWave Player is now included for free in all versions of FL Studio

Attention: in the FL Studio demo you can switch between

DirectWave Player and DirectWave full to test the program.

System requirements

2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support

512Mb RAM.

30Mb free disc space.

DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard.

Technical Specifications:

128 Voice Polyphony

128 programs

unlimited zones per program

All samplerates supported

Realtime SINC-64 point interpolation (HQ Audiophile)

Poly, Mono, Legato operation, with glide / auto mode.

2*24 dB 5 mode filters serial or parallel

Flexible 16 slot freely assignable Modulation Matrix

2 mod. ADSR envelopes, 2 zone-independent mod. LFOs 2 global program mod. LFOs

Automatable loop points, reverse loop points supported

Loop modes : fwd, one-shot, sustained, bounce looping

Automatable sample start offset (available as mod. destination parameters)

Built-in voice Insert FX with independent settings for each zone : ring mod. samplerate decimator, bitcrusher & phaser.

Built-in send effects : chorus, reverb, delay (with filtered feedback, sync to host tempo).

Independent send amounts per zone

Freely assignable 16 stereo outputs

Multi-editor with channel list, mixer, expression, modulation and pitchbend GUI controls

Built-in sample editor with destructive editing (cut / copy / paste / trim functions), loop finding tool, normalize, vertical / horizontal zooming, etc)

Realtime sampling / recording of whatever is connected to DirectWave inputs (needs modular host or host with assignable plug-in routing)

Record Threshold: sampling input will wait until signal peak arises (-40dB)

Total Recall operation mode: DirectWave will enclose all the required  sample data in the project files created by your host: it creates totally portable projects without worrying about needed sample files

Import: DWP (proprietary) and DWB (proprietary) only.
It does NOT import any other file formats the full version of DirectWave does support.

Built-in fast library browser list and tree-arranged menu program selector.

Zone and Sample tabs are disabled