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We heard in the news today that EMI was putting Abbey Road studios up for sale. Partly the result of loans taken out before the GFC and partly due to the explosion of inexpensive home/project-studio recording. EDIT: Abbey Road listed by English Heritage.



That got us thinking about their great facilities, the power of the Abbey Road brand being used to sell plugins and it also reminded us of something we often see in their control rooms, B&W consumer Hi-Fi speakers (insert collective gasp here)...



Two of 3 B&W 800D Hi-Fi speakers in Control Room 1 at Abbey Rd.




Pair of B&W 805S Hi-Fi (near field monitors) in Control Room 2 at Abbey Rd.



The role of the modern monitor speaker (the Wikipedia link left covers the topic quite well), seems to have shifted squarely to the 'flat frequency response' active (self amplified) design philosophy. Interestingly, when you check the advertising material for most nearfield monitors very few show frequency plots and shy away from making any claims they have actually have, or even strived for, a flat frequency response.


In light of the above, it's interesting to see the absolute vehemence with which Hi-Fi speakers are attacked in internet forums. Most forum members seem to have swallowed the marketing hype and assume their 'studio monitors' must be better than anything that is sold as a Hi-Fi speaker. What seems to be lacking in these arguments is, surprise surprise, evidence.


Any speaker, regardless of its origins, should be judged on its own merits. Those merits should ideally include some objective measure of the speakers performance. So what speakers are you using for monitoring and what does their frequency response plot look like? If you can find one :)


Follow this link to Looptalk to discuss.


PS: If you live near Abbey Rd, perhaps there may be some cheap B&W 800D's for sale soon, keep your eye out







It's the little things that can help your workflow and like many functions in FL Studio this one has lived under the under the Right-click button since FL Studio 9... 



I use this technique often to access files outside my Browser list, just open the Windows File Explorer and go grab them.


Regards Scott

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If you are writing music for the dance floor then nothing will help you more than trying to mix your own beats. Image-Line make Deckadance the DJ mixing application featured in the video below. So, even if you never plan to DJ, grab the demo and play your tracks in it, trying to beatmatch them.



This video used the latest version of Deckadance (1.63), check out the new stuff here. The tracks used in this video are included with the latest demo.


Probably the first thing you will notice, if you haven't thought about what DJs need to do, is your intros and outros need to be a lot longer and simpler. 16-24 bars of basic beat with some embellishments (e.g. splash cymbal) every 8 bars to let the DJ know where they are then a clear buildup to the start of the main track. On the outro you really can't go too long, the DJ will kill the track when they are ready. Again just keep it simple.


Remember it's these little things that will make your tracks more appealing and so more likely to be picked up by DJs.


PS: Put the BPM somewhere in the title too.


Regards Scott

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In this instalment I discuss sidechaining in the FL Studio Mixer. Sidechain sends were introduced with FL Studio 9, so if you are using an earlier version, time to grab an update.



Download the project shown in this tutorial here in Looptalk, I have added some extensions to show the effect of the sidechain more clearly.


In this tutorial I explain what sidechaining is and how it works in the FL Studio Mixer. I sidechain a KICK to Fruity Limiter and use that to pump the volume of a PAD sound (sustained chord) routed through Fruity Limiter.

NOTE: Sidechaining is just another term (and use) for multiple-input effect plugins, FL Studio supports both multiple-input and multiple-output plugin instruments and effects.


Other uses for multi-input effects are things like vocoding, see Vocodex or Mid/Side stereo encoding or decoding, see Fruity Stereo Shaper.

Of course, the most common use is seen in multiple-output instruments like FPC or Slicex, where you can route each drum pad or slice to a unique mixer track for separate effects processing.


Regards Scott.


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