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Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 12.x

Thursday, October 30, 2014

(expected in the future ....)


Less bugs ...
New features ...


Right now we are working on the first changes for FL Studio 12.
Mainly a new vector based GUI so all current and future screen formats are supported in the best possible way.
FL Studio 12 alpha preview news item


No release date is available yet.

(the random date at the top of this entry is not representing an actual release date)


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FL Studio 11.1

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


MiniSynth generator plugin
Agnivesh demo song updated
new "Repeater" Gross Beat preset
updated Launchpad support
imports FLM zip files directly now
FLM project import updated for FLM v2.4




fixed crash moving mixer tracks
fixed detached window focus problem
fixed quantize bug
Convolver: fixed freezing bug
DW: fixed saving of current zone / global switch
DW: fixed dropping samples on zone list
DW: disable "delete zones" menu item when no zones are selected
DW: fixed loading some 20 and 24 bit samples
Flowstone: fixed crash on right-click of "wireless" modules
Flowstone: drag .fsm to plugin title bar to load it now works
Flowstone: use custom path to export FL plugin now works
Flowstone: swap links command works correctly
Flowstone: no longer empty after reload of FL project
Flowstone: now has midi output node in Patcher
FPC: updated presets
Newtone: fixed crash while playing a sample and resizing it time warp mode
Patcher: fixed crash loading plugins
Wrapper: fixed UI glitch loading preset with options window visible for some plugins
Wrapper: changes to the way some editors are handled
Wrapper: fixed CC parameter event values for a bridged plugins when loading song
Drumaxx, GMS, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer, Toxic Biohazard: bugfixes and updates

FL Studio 11.0.4

Monday, November 25, 2013


Added several supported controllers
Updated "Sacco - Goldener Schnitt.flp"
IL Remote support
Novation Launch Control support
DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D support
Electrix Tweaker support
Livid CNTRL-R support
Livid BASE support



Fixed creation of extra row when starting to drag main toolbar
Fixed string comparison in browser for unicode characters
Fixes in controller support
Fixed loading some data from FL Studio Mobile projects
Control Surface: fixed oversized sliders after saving and loading a preset or song
Control Surface: fixed label width when loading settings
DrumSynth Live: fixed saving of "auto" option
Edison: fixed drag/drop to FL browser
FPC: fixed import of newer DW programs
Harmor: fixed crash moving points in envelope
Newtone: fixed wav save bug (only 1-1.5 seconds exported)
Newtone: updated engine (bugfixes, works more like FL playlist)
Newtone: move around with arrow keys
Newtone: fixed bug restoring some settings
Patcher: fixed incorrect gui size showing plugin editors after loading old settings
Patcher: removed "notes" node from FL input module in effect version
Patcher: fixed handling of midi note on/off for effect plugins
Patcher: fixed next/prev preset buttons not showing for some plugins
Patcher: fixed loading of SimSynth in saved songs/presets
Patcher: fixed samplerate related problem with Synth1 presets
ReWired: fixed bug hiding plugin editor
ReWired: fix for device enumeration
Wave Traveller: fixed invisible editor bug the first time it's shown in Patcher
Wrapper: fixed keyboard input in some VST3 plugins
Wrapper: added context menu support for (some) VST 3.5 plugins
Wrapper: fixed crash with MeldaProduction MCompressor param changes (VST3)
Wrapper: fixed potential memory leak for VST3 plugins
Wrapper: improved forwarding keyboard messages from plugin to host (VST2)
Wrapper: fixed bug updating parameter display for interfaceless editors (VST2)

FL Studio 11.0.3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


ReWired: added CC parameters
New CoolStuff demo songs: "RadioactiveSandwich - Homunculus", "Fuego96 - SayWhat", "Fuego96 - TimeFlies"


Fixed color change of "remove conflicts" label when linking conflicting controllers
Fixed "next by char" in browser
Fixed running FL as other user than the one it was installed as
Updated url used by "Register access to website" Help menu item
Re-implemented installation of ogg vorbis codec for both 32bit and 64bit
Small fix in event editor
Most templates now have 'Play truncated notes in clips' on
Fixed freeze changing samplerate with NI ASIO driver
Harmor: fixed bug related to ribbon saturation.
-> IMPORTANT: the sound will be different now if you use ribbon saturation!
Wrapper: fixed access violation loading WaveShellVST in Patcher
Wrapper: fixed bug loading bridged plugins from FL10 as bridged
Fixed crash after deleting a second instance for these plugins: Convolver, Granulizer, Edison, Fruity Slicer, Harmor and Slicex
Newtone: jump to last start position upon stop
Newtone: disappearing selected regions when zooming out fixed
Newtone: changed glue mode to ALT
Newtone: new Snap Downbeat command (warp mode only)
Newtone: lowered precision of tempo display in wave properties window
FPC: random trigger option is now saved in pad preset
FPC: fixed 'save all samples'
FPC: fixed plugin database preset
Video Player: fixed visibility of start and end handles
Video Player: fixed video position when starting from random position in playlist
ReWired, FL ReWire: fixed location that ReWire dll is loaded from
DrumSynth Live: fixed default patch indication in key popup menu
Wave Traveller: improvements in Windows XP compatibility
Patcher: don't show module connection popup if all items are disabled
Patcher: fixed label position jitter
Patcher: fixed loading VST3 effect plugin from favorite list
Patcher: fixed latency label positions
Patcher: fixed song position for plugins after relocating to random position
Control Surface: fixed import of old floating point values
Control Surface: fixed slider size when pasting colors
Control Surface: fixed control position when loading settings (mostly XY)
DirectWave: fixed export of 16bit int sample to FLM .instr file
DirectWave: fixed import of sustain loop from FLM .instr file
DirectWave: now sets multitimbral flag in exported FLM .instr file
GMS: fixed Dirty Horse TE preset
Drumaxx: fixed freeze at 100% when rendering

FL Studio 11.0.2

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Support for Livid OhmRGB.
Support for Behringer CMD LC-1


Fixed hint for time stretch wheel (low values)
Fixed slow rendering bugs
Fixed PPQ change bug
Remembers the state of the PR random tool's "patterns" checkbox
Fixed channel settings window showing up when loading projects
Patcher: fixed editor focus on double-click
Patcher: connection settings are now when an effect is dropped on a connection
Patcher: fixed request by plugin to load sample
DW 1.5.4: fixed import of FLM .instr files
Newtone: fixed passing strings with "foreign" characters to the engine
Newtone: fixed zooming modifiers (alt+scroll wheel)
Newtone: show param value popup when multiple items are selected
Newtone: new "Use beat marks" option for warp mode
Newtone: save .zpa and .zpw files to zipped loops
Wrapper: fixed relative knob behaviour for bridged plugins
Wrapper: fixed loading multiple instances of Waves VST3
Vocodex: fixed loading state of threaded checkbox
EQUO: fixed restoring state of Morph knob
Drumaxx: fixed changing assigned note for pads
BassDrum and GMS: various bug fixes
ZGEViz: updated/added some presets
Wave Traveller: fixed crash when loading a sample
Updated NewStuff & Zircon-Just hold on

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