Version History

Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 3.01

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Arpeggiator for each channel.

Exporting to MIDI file now works.

Plucked! & 3xOsc plugins now support custom shapes.

New user-made MIDI out presets.

Introducing *.FSC FruityLoops score (piano roll) presets.


Small bugfix in mixer & pattern playing.

Effect version of Fruity wrapper plugin now properly listed.

Minor bugfix in channel's edit menu.

Bugfix in closing piano roll.

Minor bugfix in MIDI out plugin.

Various bugfixes in wav renderer (can now render a playlist selection properly).

Improved dropping of audio tracks into the playlist.

Improved auto channel naming.

Minimized mode in piano roll.

MIDI files now appear in the browser (to be dropped onto piano rolls) as well.

Pattern (visual) length now saved in projects.

Various other improvements.

FL Studio 3.0

Thursday, January 25, 2001

New layout.

Piano roll.

Event track now per pattern.

New FX tracks (now 16 inserts + 2 sends)

Centered views for some controllers in event editor.

Optimized song positioning.

Typing keyboard to MIDI option.

Added metronome.

Updated to new DrumSynth renderer.

Added custom controls for DrumSynth presets.

Channel mute switch & FX track # are now automated.

MIDI controllers can now control several channels at once.

Fixed syncing problem.

New MIDI output plugin & much better MIDI support.

New plugin system (effects & generators).

New plugins: 3x Osc, BeepMap (image synth), Fruity PanOMatic,

Fruity NoteBook, MIDI out, etc.

Slight optimization in TS404.

Added MIDI kb to mute/solo mapping.

Peak meter now shows clipping.

Knobs should work better under Win2k.

Added new filter types.

New, better pattern randomizer.

Fixed ugliness with system fonts set to large.

Added 'smart disable' feature in effects.

Added antialiasing to TS404 (rendering only).

Much more...

FL Studio 2.7.1

Monday, September 25, 2000

Small bugfix release:

Fixed problem with some Win2k configs & registration.

Fixed small problem with multiple monitors (again).

Fixed little bug in TS404 starting note.

Fixed minor bug in event editor.

Fixed right click on loop icon in playlist.

Fixed minor visual bug in title bars.

Fixed minor bug in sample display.

Fixed bug in playlist hint.

Bug in 3DFX display drivers avoided (they've fixed it too).

Improved Fruity reeverb plugin (no more slowing down).

Much faster sample locating.

Added Fruity phaser plugin by Smart Electron:x.

FL Studio 2.7.0

Saturday, July 22, 2000

LP x2 filter added to channels.

Global channel LFO added, handy for basslines.

Beatslicer standalone editor added.

Alternate B-splines interpolator in event editor (right click).

Snap mode (with interpolation) in event editor.

Added presets to envelope time wheels.

Added a couple of great instrument presets.

Added dithering to 16Bit option (rendering only).

Improved SS2 preset renderer.

Updated LAME mp3 encoder to version 3.84

Surround effect removed, added 'Fruity phase inverter' to replace it.

Fruity Fast LP plugin added (the main filter will disappear in a future release).

ZIP & RBS ext added to sample browser, & FLP's are shown in all folders.

Fixed envelope LFO shape not saved in FLP's.

Bugfix & slight optimization in TS404.

Had to remove bitmaps from song info edit, too much buggy :(

Bugfix in filter section (was always on... eating unneeded CPU).       

Fixed 2 bugs in TS404 preset loading.

Bugfix in pattern rendering when playlist has a selection.

Bugfix in main oscilloscope.

Fixed random association not saved properly.

Added 'Don't limit windows to screen' option for multimonitor support.

More safety checks for 'altered project' flag.

Graphic engine changed, now eats a lot less graphic resources. 

FL Studio 2.5.4

Saturday, May 6, 2000

Added LP, BP, HP & Notch to channel filter.

Support for plugin presets (sample browser).       

Bugfix in sample loading.

Wide skin script fixed.       

Fixed filter bitmap in TS404 interface.

Better (typing) kb mapping for testing (channel settings kb).

Updated LAME mp3 encoder to version 3.70

Fixed linking of envelope wheels to MIDI controller.

Improved SimSynth 2 renderer DLL.       

New instrument patches by BSB.

Win2k compatibility: RichEdit crash fixed, selector display fixed.

Fixed fine tuning not saved in FLP's.

Fixed recorded sample saving.       

Fixed big samples always set as keep on disk samples.       

Fixed old bug in playlist.

Fixed bug in sampler envelopes.

New SimSynth 2.7 patches! (/SS2_Extra/2.7)

New humanize presets.

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