Version History

Below you can find the history of FL Studio and how a simple midi-only drum sequencer turned into a fully fledged virtual studio. Please note that registered users receive all of the features below for free as part of our Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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FL Studio 11.0.1

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bugfixes in pianoroll and playlist

Change to sysex for Panorama device
Patcher: fixed bug loading old VST plugin settings
Patcher: fixed bug adding (sub) Patcher preset with open surface tab
Control Surface: fixed loading back links to controllers in FL
Control Surface: fixed response to automation from other internal controller
Control Surface: fixed reporting XY control changes to host
Control Surface: fixed slider handle size when pasting colors
Control Surface: fixed saving/loading XY color
Control Surface: fixed adjusting slider properties to slider size
Fixes to Seamless songs
Wrapper: fixed plugin bridge
GMS: fixed various crashing bugs
Effector: small fix
Fix to Akai APC support


FL Studio 11.0.0

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrapper: small bugfixes.
Fruity X-Y controller: fixed joystick names.


Updated Patcher.
New Control Surface plugin.
Drumpad presets added.
Updated Synthmaker/Flowstone

Please also check the bugfixes and additions from the FL Studio 10 beta versions

for a full overview of the changes in FL Studio 11. 

FL Studio 10.10 (beta)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Important GUI-related bugfix.
Sending from browser to a focused attach plugin window now works.
Little bugfix in Vocodex (when band levels are zero).
Patcher: lots of changes and bugfixes


Support for Novation Launchpad S & basic support for Launchkey.
VFX Color Mapper plugin (Patcher only).
VFX Key Mapper plugin (Patcher only).
Gross Beat: Click reduction feature enhanced to 3 states.
Improved speed of sinc interpolator.
Synthmaker updated to Flowstone
Newtone: added warp mode

FL Studio 10.9 (beta)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lots of small and bigger fixes
FPC: fixed threading bugs
DirectWave: fixed garbage in sample start/end strings
Patcher: fixed cpu usage


Page Up/Down cycles through the current mixer track's plugin windows
Support for Panorama P4 & QuNeo controllers
Can now drop Patcher presets from browser/picker onto generators/effects to "Patcherize" them.
Double-clicking plugins in a picker called from Patcher, opens them in the caller.
Clicking a clip once (but not moving it) now also selects it (even when not playing).
FPC: option to reset all outputs
Newtone: changed implementation of "tempo sync" checkbox
Patcher: support for VFX plugins, rewrite of "map" tab
Wrapper: load 64bit plugin if 32bit isn't installed and vice versa

FL Studio 10.8 (beta)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lots of small and bigger fixes
Fixed filter automation import from .flm file
Soundfont Player: fixed loading of soundfonts (some problems with EnsurePAnsiChar)
Wrapper: fixed sending tempo to newly loaded plugin
Synthmaker: version 2.0.11
Video Player: fixed no playback/sound in some videos (alien song.mpeg)
Video Player: now remembers window size when no video is loaded
Patcher: fixed initialization of wavetables
Patcher: fixed XY control paint bug
Patcher: fixed loading sidechain output for some plugins
Patcher: fixed updating controls from mixer thread
DirectWave: changed FLM exported category (chromatic, so the icon is correct)
DirectWave: fixed start of wave file when imported from FLM .instr filr
Downloader: fixed crash when looking for missing samples in FL
Downloader: show real download size if it's bigger than the “fake” one
Downloader: fixed freeze if you close content lib in FL while it's scanning, then click elsewhere
Downloader: fixed seeing new lists after downloading list updates

New font rasterizer
Using AGG for drawing
Patcher: experimental voice effect support
DirectWave: support for new chunk based FLM .instr file format (import)
FPC: support for new chunk based FLM .instr file format (import)
Downloader: group all items with the same download filename, not just those with a download caption
Downloader: added option to “download all” (click on subcategory/cd captions in online list)
Downloader: captions in online section are collapsible now
Downloader: content lib window is now (also) embedded in the Download Manager window
Downloader: added option to always start content lib in Download Manager (allows it to stay open)
Animation selector in general settings

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