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What about Android OS?
The FL Studio Mobile for Android app is available in the Google Play Store. Check the FLM Android page for more information.
At this moment the Android version features have a small delay in development on the iOS version.

I have an iPhone and iPad, do I need to buy 2 Apps?
No, just buy the FL Studio Mobile HD - universal binary app. It works on all iOS devices.
It has specific enhanced HD graphics for iPad.

Does this mean FL Studio on Mac OSX soon?
FL Studio Mobile HD is not a port of the Windows version of FL Studio. It is the product of a completely separate development team, and code, so FL Studio Mobile, while compatible with FL Studio has no impact on FL Studio development and vice versa.

Can I load my own samples?
Yes, this no problem in version 2.0 and higher (it was not possible in the very first 1.0 version).

Can I use VSTs?
No, iOS does not support VSTs and frankly the devices it runs on don't have the CPU power to perform the synthesis you are used to on a desktop. FL Studio Mobile uses high quality sample based instruments made from Image-Line plugins and sample packs.

Does FL Mobile HD have virtual midi control to midi control other IPAD applications?
FL Studio Mobile HD will respond to MIDI.
It can send and receive MIDI from any CoreMIDI device (external hardware and other apps running in the background).

Can I import other midi sequences into FL Mobile HD?
Yes, you can share files with your FL Studio Mobile HD application.

- Connect your device to your PC via USB.
- Open iTunes.
- Go to your device entry on the right, then its apps tab, scroll down and select - FL Studio Mobile HD in the File Sharing list.
- Drag and drop files to and from the Documents list.
- This includes midi files.

Does this program work with the Alesis IO dock?
FL Studio Mobile HD works with Alesis IO dock as MIDI instrument.
! Note that is only works in regards to MIDI, FLM doesn't feature audio recording.
For the MIDI part see our YouTube video.

Can Fl Studio Mobile HD midi control external synths such as the Mircokorg XL?
Yes, to a certain degree. See the manual for the types of MIDI signals sent to external hardware:

Can FL Studio Mobile send cc and sysex midi commands to external units such as patch changes to the TC Helicon Voicelive 2 and Roland GR-55?
There is a Send Params button to send the current MIDI program numbers, track volume and pan settings once.
See the manual for setup instructions.

Can other programs such as SampleWiz control the FL Studio Mobile keyboard?
Only if the other app supports Virtual MIDI in the background, because FL Studio Mobile doesn't, it can only receive MIDI from other apps running in the

Reporting FL Studio Mobile bugs on the forum

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  • A detailed description of what happened. What were you doing that lead up to the bug and does it always occur?  
  • Your version of FL Studio Mobile (found in the help)
  • Which device you have (e.g. iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, 1st generation iPod Touch, ...and iOS version)
  • If applicable, screenshots (press the home and the sleep/wake buttons at the same time to make a screenshot)
  • If possible also send us a .FLM file