Create virtual instruments, effects & controller plugins without the need to write programming code. Use them in FL Studio in 'FL Studio native' format and share with other FlowStone users. FL Flowstone free included with Producer and higher.
99.00 USD
99.00 USD

Flowstone is the new name of the plugin formerly known as Synthmaker.
It is a program created by DSP Robotics.

FL FlowStone free in FL Studio


DSP Robotics created a special Flowstone version for FL Studio users. The FL Flowstone plugin includes the features you need to create plugins for use inside FL Studio only. The registration is included in Producer, Signature and FL Studio + All Plugin Bundle.


FL Flowstone is a 32bit only program, so you need to run FL Studio in 32bit to use the plugin (does not run in FL Studio 64bit). Install the FL Flowstone plugin using a separate installer. Download the FL Flowstone for FL Studio 12 installer



FL Studio customers who want to use the complete Flowstone standalone program, can upgrade to Flowstone full from our web shop

This upgrade will allow you to use Flowstone independent from FL Studio. You are no longer limited to plugins that run inside FL Studio, as you can also create VSTs and EXE's of new projects or existing FL Flowstone projects. It allows the plugins you created to run as standalone programs or as VST plugins in other DAW software.


The Flowstone full program is provided directly by DSP Robotics (creators of this Flowstone software) from their own web site. DSP Robotics provides the purchase  with 12 months update support included.

Using FL Flowstone


FL Flowstone is a self-contained audio plugin construction tool. However to get you started we include a wide range of ready made Generators, Effects and Dashboards. Use them 'as is' or get inside the projects and re-build  them into new creations or just learn how FL Flowstone works by picking them apart.

FL Flowstone has a level for everyone, you can drag-and-drop components and link them together, build components from basic elements or get to the lowest level code and program DSP elements exactly as you need.

FL Flowstone is in every respect identical to the stand-alone version (sold separately), except FL Flowstone does not compile to VST format.

FL Flowstone is treated by FL Studio as a plugin instrument or effect and will save/open along with your projects.

System Requirements

  • Plugin needs FL Studio program to be registered - FL Studio requirement apply.
  • Flowstone plugin has a separate installer
  • Windows XP (SP2), Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 - (32 & 64 Bit)
  • 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 30Mb free disc space.

FL Flowstone pdf help:


FL Flowstone pdf Manual

FL Flowstone pdf Manual Supplement


FL Flowstone - ready to use content:


  • 24 included Synths

  • 8 included Effects

  • 48 included Dashboards

SMG Morph Machine

Morph synthesizer


Waveform morphing synth.

MyCo LoopDrive 3

Loop slicer player.


Pitch sequencing synth,
ideal for trance


3 oscillator synth.

SMG Additive

Additive wavetable synthesizer.

SMG AM Synth

Amplitude Modulation synthesizer.

SMG Freehand

Stunning Wavetable


SMG Supersaw

Classic super saw synthesizer.

SMG Karbass

Mono bass synth using Karplus frequency modulation.

SMG Wavedraw

Wavetable synth with 'drawable' waveforms.

SMG Unitable

Wavetable synthesis.

SMG SnareLab

Snare drum synthesizer.

SMG KickLab

Specialist kick-drum sounds producing plugin.

SMG Retronix

Nice unison synth with a whole bunch of presets.

SMG Retronix LE

Unison synth lite.

SMG Wave Convert

Wave synthesis.


Image synthesis.


Fruity DX10 FL Flowstone remake.


303 style emulator.

SMG Kickdrum Player

Neat sample based
kick drum player.

SMG ClapLab

Clap simulator.


Wavetable synthesizer.



Sideband modulation effect. Ham/SW/CB radio sound.

SMG Filter Delay

Stereo delay and filter effect.


4 band parametric equalizer.


8 Band parametric equalizer.

SMG Double LFO Filter

Twin filters under Low Frequency Oscillator control.

SMG Ping Pong Delay

Stereo delay with Ping Png effect.

SMG Sweepy Q

4 band parametric equalizer with LFO control.


8 band graphic equalizer.

SMG Jomox AirBase

Take controll of your Airbase.

SMG Korg ElecTribe EA-1

Take controll of your ElecTribe EA-1.

SMG MC 909 Dashboard

Take controll of your MC 909.


Take controll of your MS2000.


Take controll of your MS2000R.

SMG Line6 Bass Pod

Take controll of your Bass Pod.

SMG Line6 Guitar Pod

Take controll of your

Guitar Pod.

SMG Korg ElecTribe ER-1

Take controll of your

ElecTribe ER-1.

SMG Novation A-Station

Take controll of your A-Station.

SMG Novation D-Station

Take controll of your D-Station.

SMG Novation K-Station

Take controll of your K-Station.

SMG Novation KS-4

Take controll of your KS-4.

SMG Oberheim Matrix 1000

Take controll of your
Matrix 1000.

SMG Phat Boy Dashboard

Take controll of your Phat Boy.

SMG Red Sound EleVAta

Take controll of your EleVAta.

SMG Roland Alpha Juno 1

Take controll of your
Alpha Juno 1.

SMG Roland Alpha Juno 2

Take controll of your

Alpha Juno 2.

SMG Roland JP-8000

Take controll of your JP-8000.

SMG Roland JP-8080

Take controll of your JP-8080.

SMG Roland Juno-106

Take controll of your Juno-106.

SMG Roland JX-8P

Take controll of your JX-8P.

SMG Waldorf Miniworks 4Pole

Take controll of your

Miniworks 4Pole.

SMG Syntecno Teebee Mark III Dashboard

Take controll of your

Teebee Mark III.

SMG TC Electronics M300

Take controll of your M300.

SMG Universal Controller

Take controll of your Universal Controller.

SMG Roland MC-505

Take controll of your MC-505.

SMG Waldorf Pulse

Take controll of your Pulse.

SMG Waldorf Q

Take controll of your Q.

SMG Access Virus

Take controll of your Virus.

SMG Claia Nord Lead

Take controll of your

Nord Lead.

SMG Claia Nord Lead 2

Take controll of your

Nord Lead 2.

SMG Claia Nord Rack

Take controll of your

Nord Rack.

SMG Novation SuperBassStation

Take controll of your SuperBassStation.

SMG Novation KS-5

Take controll of your KS-5.

SMG Novation KS-Rack

Take controll of your KS-Rack.

SMG Novation X-Station

Take controll of your X-Station.

SMG Waldorf Q+

Take controll of your Q+.

SMG Yamaha DX1

Take controll of your DX1.

SMG Yamaha DX7

Take controll of your DX7.

SMG Yamaha DX7 II

Take controll of your DX7 II.

SMG Yamaha AN1x

Take controll of your AN1x.

SMG Yamaha Motif 6-7-8

Take controll of your

Motif 6-7-8.

SMG Yamaha Motif ES 6-7-8

Take controll of your

Motif ES 6-7-8.

SMG Yamaha Motif Rack

Take controll of your

Motif Rack.

SMG Novation Supernova

Take controll of your


SMG Novation Supernova II

Take controll of your

Supernova II.

SMG Novation Nova

Take controll of your Nova.

SMG Novation Nova II

Take controll of your Nova II.