"To look upon it [FL Studio] now, seven generations down the line is to see an extremely muscular DAW that retains its ease of use and extremely attractive pricing."

°JoE Silva, Music Tech Magazine  
"In summary as with many other Image-Line products you get a product that is worth far more than the asking price. In the case of Sakura, for $99 you get a wonderfully dynamic instrument that can create its advertised sound. But also, includes a tremendous amount of fine control to create new and unique sounds. The interface is designed to move you through the process of creation with a very good workflow. It sounds great and is easy on your computer resources."
 Bobo for Wusik Sound Magazine  
Product: Sakura  
"Ogun is capable of coughing up novel, attention-grabbing noises unlike anything a more conventional synthesizer might be expected to produce. Some of the presets are excellent, and plenty of fun can be had by picking one as a starting point and just randomly tweaking parameters to see where you end up."

 Paul Sellars, Sound on Sound Magazine  
Product: Ogun  
"To look upon it [FL Studio] now, seven generations down the line is to see an extremely muscular DAW that retains its ease of use and extremely attractive pricing."

°JoE Silva, Music Tech Magazine  
"Its user interface is clean and easy to navigate. The Factory sounds are consistently good and work in a variety of musical styles. The Trance Gate function and arpeggiator are bound to be especially handy if you are producing dance music. And at this price, PoiZone should be on everyone's hard drive."
°Tony DiLorenzo, Electronic Musician Magazine  
Product: PoiZone  
" It (Sawer) packs an enormous amount of sonic punch. Phat unison detune. Awesome hard sync. Reasonably priced. Excellent sound and good effects...."

Computer Music Magazine  
Product: Sawer  
"...I could see see myself using it [Sytrus] as one of my primary design tools."

Squibs, Wusik Magazine  
Product: Sytrus  
"If you're on a budget but want a dependable, feature-rich web creator, or if you're simply bored with your current software, then give EZGenerator some consideration."

Andrew Unsworth, Micro Mart Magazine  
Product: EZGenerator  
"Deckadance is unique yet also familiar in the way it works, and contains everything that the modern DJ needs. Whether you're planning on tinkering in your bedroom, entertaining a house party or rocking Madison Square Garden, it'll do the job for you."

Computer Music Special  
Product: Deckadance  
"Ultimately, this is a great choice for a mastering plug-in for any studio, whether post production or music. In the war over mainstream audio, any ammo you can pack that can help you  fight against other peoples' badly mastered audio is good rationing.....Tigh, smooth, warm compression and dreamy limiting abilities. Super bad-ass for beats!..."
°Justin Lassen, Studio Monthly
Product: Maximus
"For new digital DJs, Deckadance offers a host of quick and easy ways to get started playing music and easily create interesting sounds without a lot of experience."

Ean Golden, Remix Magazine  
Product: Deckadance  
"You probably already know whether a plug-in for simulating turntable effects in painstaking detail is something you want. If it is, you should certainly be looking at Gross Beat: it’s a technically clever implementation with few real competitors."

 Paul Sellars, Sound on Sound Magazine  
Product: Gross Beat  



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  • Gibson Acquires Deckadance We would like to announce that Gibson have acquired Image-Line's Deckadance DJ music application and rights.
  • FL Studio 12.0.2 Update FL Studio 12.0.2 is now available and fixes bugs and adds new features.
  • Seven Lions on FL Studio SEVEN LIONS (Jeff Montalvo) : Learn how Seven Lions uses FL Studio to make some of the most beautiful and complex tracks we have heard.
  • Announcing FL Studio 12 The FL Studio 12 now available introducing a new and amazing vectorial interface. Includes Lifetime Free Updates.
  • FL Studio 12 BETA 5 The FL Studio 12 Beta 5 is now available for testing. Log into your account and check the user forums (Looptalk) for the download.