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Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, October 20, 2005 - Sytrus 2 features 4 new filter types, enhanced editing in the harmonics section, and a brand new arpeggiating system built-in multipoint envelopes. All this bundled with over 350 presets.

This press release can be found at prweb.com


Sytrus provides endless sonic capabilities through 6 operators combining FM, RM, plucked and subtractive synthesis (no samples inside), and a user interface preserving your screen real estate.


The rich implementation characteristics of Sytrus allow for an extremely wide range of sounds and even entire loops in a single preset, made possible by the fully customizable envelope system.


Sytrus 2.0 new features:

- 4 new filters for a total 12x5 different filter types.

- Arpeggiating system built-in multipoint envelopes, through ingenious arpeggiator break-points, allowing multi-oscillator arpeggiated sequences never heard before. No longer use fixed rhythmic patterns, adapt them to your composition.

- Improved editing in harmonics editor, allowing to lock individual harmonics, and exporting/sharing waveforms as audio files.

- Audio files can now have their volume envelope analyzed & turned into a multipoint envelope.

- User can now select different band types for the main equalizer.

- Lots of cool new presets.

Sytrus features:

- 6 operators.

- FM / RM algorithm matrix.

- 3 filter units, 12x5 filter types, 3 waveshapers.

- Powerful multipoint envelope / LFO editing with arpeggiating.

- Built-in equalizer and effects (chorus / flanger, 3 delay units, 1 reverb unit).

- Easy XY modulation controller that can control about any feature.

- One of the best unison units.

For more information please visit our official microsite at www.sytrus.com.

- Sytrus 2 - Screenshot


- Sytrus 2 - Logo


Trial version

A FREE Trial version (only save disabled) is available from the download section of our site www.sytrus.com.


Sytrus 2 - Downloadable USD 179 - Boxed: N/A

FREE upgrade for existing download customers.


About Image Line Software:

Image Line Software, the company behind FL Studio/FruityLoops, provides high quality music applications to the computer music community through online Internet distribution and boxed sales. n an effort to fight software piracy, which is hurting the industry, Image-Line has the unique approach in offering their on-line customers Life Time Free updates.

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