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Till the end of the year every order of products of US $ 99 and more comes with a free copy of Gross Beat



Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, December 16, 2008 – Image Line Software has announced its latest VST & FL Studio effect – Gross Beat. Gross Beat is a time manipulation effect designed for repetition and scratching effects. Until the end of December 2008 Gross Beat will feature in Image-Line’s amazing Xmas sale, and will be included free with every order, USD $99 and over.






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This press release can be found at prweb.com



”Gross beat is perfect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances“, commented Didier Dambrin, Chief Software Architect of Image Line Software and developer of Gross Beat.

Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer controlled by 36 time and 36 volume mapping envelopes for easy beat-synced glitch, stutter, repeat, scratching and gating effects. The mapping envelopes are pre-assigned to MIDI keys and can be switched live from a controller keyboard or changes can be automated.

Gross Beat features an adaptive ‘sinc interpolation’ algorithm that maintains pristine audio quality of processed audio. Gross Beat provides also includes smoothing attack compensation minimizing clicks caused by discontinuities in volume when playback jumps between locations in the 2 bar audio buffer.

Key features:

- Powerful MIDI controlled envelopes

- 2 bar audio buffer

- Real time effect, perfect for live performance

- 36 volume/gating envelopes with user-controlled smoothing

- Linked or independent volume and gating slot operation

- A large number of creative presets ready to go

Plugin formats:

FL Studio plugin

VSTi 2.4 (Win only)

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista

Processor: 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support

RAM: 512 MB

Disk space: 130 MB

Pricing and availability:

Until the end of December 2008 every order of Image Line Software products US $99 or more, comes with a free copy of Gross Beat. After the sale ends Gross Beat will be available from the company’s web shop for US $99. More information about the Image-Line sale can be found at http://www.image-line.com/documents/news.php?entry_id=1228836958.


A fully functional demo is available at http://www.image-line.com/plugins/Effects/Gross+Beat/.


About Image Line Software:

Established in 1994, Image Line Software provides high quality music applications to the computer-based music community and is well known for its leading digital audio workstation FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops), high quality synthesizers including Sytrus, PoiZone,Toxic Biohazard, Morphine and Ogun, a mix of innovative Effect plugins like Maximus and Hardcore and range of sample libraries used in their multi-sampler plugins DirectWave and Soundfont Player. In May 2007 Image Line Software released its acclaimed DJ mixing software application Deckadance. In addition to its audio software, Image Line Software develops and distributes the web site building application, EZGenerator.

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