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The IL Video frame was launched in 2010 and is proving to be an excellent tool for explaining to customers the features and benefits of FL Studio and plugins. Our German distributor recenty sent in some photographs of the display in use and what's immediately noticable is that the display fits in almost anywhere, providing a definite point of interest amongst the usual static marketing material.




What is it? – The IL Video display is a self-contained counter-top video display that plays a series of pre-loaded videos. It measures ~ 30 x 20 x 10 cm (12 x 8 x 4 inches).

What videos does it contain? – The videos include ‘FL Studio 10 – What’s New?’ outlining the new features in FL Studio 10, ‘FL Studio What Can It Do?’ covering the 9 main features of the program. ‘The Image-Line Product Showcase’ – Showcasing Deckadance, FL Studio, FL Extension and more than 20 plugin synth & effect products available with FL Extension. All videos are designed to work with the audo off or on. We advise leaving a pair of headphones attached to the display so customers can hear the audio if they want and this doesn't disturb others in the store.


FL Extension? – This is a retail box that works in the same way as an iTunes card, giving your customers access to on-line downloadable products with an upside to your bottom line. As a retail store you can now participate in the e-sales boom.


Are the videos updatable? – Yes, from time to time Image-Line will release new videos and a sales-rep can update the videos in the unit or this can be done by someone in the store with the correct update procedure.


How much does it cost? – It’s free when you stock FL Studio & FL Extension.


Want to know more? - Please contact support@image-line.com



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