Deckadance is sold in 2 versions priced according to features. If you are interested in other Image-Line products please click the tabs above.

               Please check the FEATURES you want are included in the version you buy!



Download version: $149 USD

Deckadance v2 DVS:

  • All Deckadance v2 features+
  • DVS & CDJ control inc:
  •    MsPinky Gen 1 to 4
  •    Torq Vinyl
  •    Torq CD
  •    Reflex Vinyl
  •    Generic Vinyl
  •    Deckadance Control CD
  •    +Learn any audio control input

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Download version: $79 USD

Deckadance v2:

  • 2 or 4 Decks
  • Smartknobs + editor
  • GrossBeat + editor
  • Choose 3 from 10 FX per deck
  • Freq isolated FX (low/mid/high)
  • Grid sampler & sampling
  • Smart panels up to 8 per deck
  • Host VST plugins in Deckadance
  • Use Deckadance as a VSTi plugin
  • Audio recording
  • iTunes library support
  • Wide range of MIDI controllers
  • No DVS/CDJ support

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Not sold separately (OEM)

Deckadance v2 LE limitations:

  • Smartknob presets only
  • GrossBeat presets only
  • Inbuilt samples only
  • No VST support host/client
  • No audio recording
  • Locked to OEM controller
  • No DVS/CDJ support

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Why buy Deckadance?

When you become a registered customer, you will receive:

  • Technical support
  • Participation in the online user community
  • Access to pre-release betas.
  • Download your registration key from your account, any time, on any computer with internet access.
  • If you have the demo there's nothing more to download except a small unlock key and you are ready to go
  • By officially endorsing Deckadance you support us, so that Deckadance & the community continue to grow.


Deckadance mobile allows you to mix on your i.Pod, i.Phone or i.Pad.


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Notes: 1. You can upgrade from one Deckadance version to another although it's most cost effective to buy the version you will ultimately use, check the shop for pricing details. 2. Image-Line reserves the right to change the plugins included with any FL Studio Edition or Bundle. Changes will not apply retrospectively, plugins licensed to you as part of the original bundle will remain yours.


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