Unlocking Deckadance from Demo

Unlock Deckadance as follows:

1 Purchase Deckadance

You can purchase Deckadance from the Image-Line shop. There are a wide range of payment types accepted.

If you already have an Image-Line account make sure to log in before proceeding to the shop so Deckadance is added to it.

2. Downloading your FLRegkey.Reg file

After purchase you will have an Image-Line account. If you have already installed the demo you don't need to download the installer again. You can simply unlock the demo by using your FLRegkey.Reg file as follows:

  1. Sign into your Account.
  2. Click on the Unlock image on the top bar.
  3. Click on the large unlock image on the UNLOCK PRODUCTS page.
  4. Choose to SAVE the FLRegkey.Reg file to a location on your computer where you can find it later.

3. Unlock Deckadance with your FLRegkey.Reg file

After downloading your FLRegkey.Reg file you need to install it as follows:

Installing your FLRegkey.Reg file

Run Deckadance and:

  1. Open the Preferences.
  2. Choose Registration.
  3. Click on Register.
  4. Browse to the location of your FLRegkey.Reg and select it and click Open/OK.
  5. Restart Deckadance. If you were successful your registration info will now appear on the Registration tab in the preferences.

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