Lost login details, can't log into your on-line account?

This section assumes you have previously registered your Image-Line product/s at the Image-Line website If you have lost your registration details and can't log into the 'Account' section of the Image-Line website:

Recovering your login details

  1. Try this direct link to your account, to see if you can 'auto-login' to your personal page. This will only work if your browser cookies have saved your login details.
  2. Try the Online Password Recovery Feature. Enter the email address you originally used to register. If we have that email address on record a new login link will be sent to that address.
  3. Still having trouble? Create a support ticket HERE.

Note: When you retrieve your login details please save them in at least 2 safe places, one safe place should include a paper copy of the information.

Obtain a new regcode

Clicking this link should initiate a regcode download (FLRegkey.Reg file). It requires that your browser remembers your login details at the Image-Line website. Save the file and run it by double-clicking on it OR Right-click it and select 'Merge' from the options. Allow the data to be written to your Registry. FL Studio and any purchased plugins should now be unlocked.