Browser - Current project

The FL Studio Browser contains a special folder named Current project, that holds information and data associated with the current project, such as a list of patterns, automated controls, instruments and an undo history list. This page explains the folders in the 'Current project' section and the information they contain.

NOTE: For direct access to MIDI CC parameters for Automation purposes open the Effects or Generators folder (see below). Although the Last Tweaked automation linking process is usually faster.

Current project folders

The following sub-folders are associated with the Current project folder.


The folder contains a set of undo steps ('history'). The last action you performed is at the bottom of the list. You can go to any available step in the history by Left-clicking on the desired history step. You can also browse through the history by using the available Undo and Redo commands in the Edit menu. Undo/Redo ( Ctrl+Alt+Z/Ctrl+Z) - These two keyboard shortcuts allow you to step through the edit history of FL Studio. Ctrl+Alt+Z steps back through the history. Ctrl+Z steps forward, unless you are at the latest step (in this case, Ctrl+Z works as the standard one step undo/redo shortcut).

The maximum number of history steps depends on your General Settings.

Patterns Folder

The folder contains a list of Patterns, Initialized controls & Automation. The item sub-folders contain the automated controls themselves.

Initialized Controls Folder

The Initialized Controls folder contains a list of controls which have been initialized, that is, have a manually-set value for the start of the song (to initialize a control - Right-click and select 'Init song with this position'). Creating an Automation Clip will also initialize the target control. This is done so the control can return to its original value, before Automation was applied, if the Clip is deleted.

Effects / Generators Folders

The Generators and Effects folders list all instruments and effects used in the project. It does not include integrated instruments including Sampler, TS404, Layer.

For direct access to MIDI CC parameters for Automation purposes open the Effects or Generators folder. Each instrument/effect is listed as a folder containing all automatable controls for the plugin:

Remote Control

Contains a list of controls that were linked to MIDI or Internal controllers. Right-click an item in this folder to see the automation menu for the selected control.