Envelope / Instrument Channel Settings

The Instrument Channel Settings page contains options for additional changes to sample playback. This tab is available for Sampler instruments and Sampler plugins. Not all plugins will have this tab.

Envelopes & Instrument Settings

Contains envelopes and LFOs for Panning, Volume, Mod X, Mod Y and Pitch values in the Sampler. The tab buttons bar at the top of the Instruments Channel Settings lets you choose which envelope/LFO to edit. There are four envelopes (pan does not support an envelope) and five LFOs for each setting on the tab bar. An envelope is applied only when it is turned on from the orange LED at the top-left corner of the envelope section.

Envelope Section

Envelopes in this section behave much like standard ADSR envelopes, but they have been enhanced with a few additional properties (delay, hold and amount). You can control the envelope properties using the knobs, or by dragging (up/down) the elements within the envelope preview.

LFO Section

This section applies LFO modulation to pan, volume, cutoff, resonance and pitch settings. You can choose from three LFO shapes - sine, triangle and square. The shape selector is located in the top-left corner of the LFO section.

Filter Section

This section controls the MOD X and MOD Y modulation sources. By default Mod X controlls the Cutoff of a filter and Mod Y the resonance. The drop-down menu selects the filter type, Left-click to choose from:

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