Main Controls

To open the channel settings - click on the Channel name button in the Channel Window. The Main Channel Settings are located at the top of each Channel Settings window that opens alongside plugin instruments (or hosts channel based instruments). The Channel settings window accompanies every instrument channel, whether or not the instrument has its own interface. The channel settings window is most commonly used to set the Mixer Track to receive the Instrument Channel's audio. Double-click the title of the Channel Settings window to shrink it, so only the Main Channels Settings remain visible. Double-click again to expand.


  1. PAN - Sets the channel panning (left/right positioning of the sound in the stereo space). NOTE: This control is the same shown next to the Channel Button.
  2. VOL - Sets the channel volume. NOTE: This control is the same shown next to the Channel Button.
  3. PITCH - Adds/subtracts cents from the pitch of a channel. Use the pitch bend range LCD to set the range in semitones. (100 cents = 1 semitone). NOTE: Automate this knob to create slides and pitch bends for VST instruments.
  4. NOTE: If a Channel Sampler does not respond to pitch (plays one note), Right-click the Sampler Channel Settings > Sample Tab Time stretching (Time) knob and select (none).

  5. FX (Mixer Track Selector) - Selects which Mixer track (of the 99 available) the current channel will be assigned to. By default, all new instrument Channels are routed to the Master Mixer track (the LCD displays "--"). Left-click and drag up/down to set a Mixer Track number. This control will not appear in channels that hold MIDI instruments or other instruments that do not output audio. Double-click the FX Selector to open the Mixer window.

    NOTE: The most efficient way to route one or more Channels to Mixer tracks is to: