Main Plugin Wrapper Controls

To open, click on the Channel button in the Channel Rack and then the Additional Settings, cog icon, as shown below. The Main Channel Settings are located along the top of each Wrapper window associated with a the plugin.

NOTE: The tabs available under the Channel Settings depend on the plugin type being hosted.


Wrapper settings - opens and closes the additional settings details as discussed below.
1. Plugin GUI - Switch to the Plugin interface. Use this tab to return to the plugin interface after editing other tabs in the Channel Settings.
2. VST Wrapper Settings - Advanced wrapper settings only available when using a VST plugin.
3. Sample Settings - Sample settings are available when using a Sampler Channel, Audio Clip and some legacy native plugins.
4. Envelope / Instrument Settings - The Envelope/Instrument settings are only available when using a Sampler Channel, Audio Clip or some legacy native plugins.
5. Miscellaneous Settings - The Miscellaneous Channel settings tab contains various note and filter/based settings and so is available for all Instrument Channels, including VST plugins