Content Library

The Content Library allows you to download additional content for FL Studio/plugins and to access already downloaded content. To open the Content Library, click on the download launcher located on the Online Panel, as shown below.

Some plugins such as FPC and DirectWave can launch the Content Library directly. In this case only content compatible with the plugin will be shown.

Browser Window

The Browser Window shows the files available for download. The files shown will automatically match the selected instrument when it launched the Content Library. Files are categorized into:


IL Download Manager

Once a file has been set to download, the Download Manager window will appear (also accessible from Start > Programs > Image-Line > IL Download manager), as shown below. The files will be saved to the default file location for the plugin that activated the Download Manager and will be available from the FL Studio Browser once the download is complete. The lower part of the Download Window will display a list of any recently downloaded files in gray. You can queue files for downloading by continuing to select new files in the Browser Window, these will show at the top of the list in black.

Failed downloads - Click on a failed download (ones with an "error" status) to get a description of the error.


Shows all downloading and queued files ready for downloading.



Enter your registered email address and password to unlock FL Studio, plugins and content.