Audio Input/Output Routing

This section covers internal Mixer audio routing functions. Internal audio sources (instruments loaded in the Channel Rack) are routed to the Mixer insert tracks with the Channel settings FX selector, as shown below:

NOTE: In the example above Mixer Track 2 is selected and so the Track Send switches, External audio Input / Output options and Mixer Track Properties change to show unique settings for Mixer track 2. Usually the only Mixer track with an external audio output is the Master Mixer track.

Some points about internal and external audio routing:

How to Route Audio

Limitations of routing:

  1. If you are using the 'Primary Sound Driver' audio driver only one track at a time can output to the primary output (usually this is the Master Track). This limitation does not apply if you use an ASIO driver, then any Mixer track may be routed to any available output.
  2. FL Studio will disable routing options that would create a feedback loop (for example trying to route a track to itself).
  3. Use the Send Level knobs to adjust the amount of signal sent from an insert track to the send tracks.
  4. The specially named 'Current' track can only receive audio from the currently selected track. Its main purpose is to hold an Edison plugin, ready to record any selected tracks audio OR visualization plugins, such as WaveCandy.

Prepare for Recording

The record arm switch prepares a track for audio recording (to a *.wav file). The input and/or any internal audio routed to that track will be recorded.

Mixer reference diagram

See the main Mixer page for a full descrption.

NOTE: Most controls are automatable (Right-click and select 'Create automation clip').