Shortcut Panel & Extra Shortcut Panel

The Shortcut panels provide quick access to some frequently used commands. Turn them on and off by Right-clicking on the toolbar rail on which the panels are attached and select the tick box next to the 'Shortut panel' and 'Extra shortcut panel' respectively.

  1. Playlist (F5) - Shows/hides the Playlist window. Right-click to maximize Playlist.
  2. Channel Window / Step Sequencer (F6) - Shows/hides the Channel Window / Step Sequencer window.
  3. Piano roll (F7) - Shows/hides the Piano roll window. Right-click to maximize Piano roll.
  4. View Browser (F8) - Shows/hides the Browser window. Right-click to open the Plugin Picker.
  5. Mixer Window (F9) - Shows/hides the Mixer window.
  6. Undo / History (Ctrl+Z) - Undo the last command. Right-click the button to open the History in the Browser.
  7. Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S) - Shortcut for the Save As command in File menu. Flashing? The button flashes as a 'save reminder' after 5 minutes, then at 10min and every 30sec after 10min, be afraid, very afraid!...or just save more often. Using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+N) will save a 'new' version of your project, even better.
  8. Render as Audio File (Ctrl+R) - Opens the dialog to render the project to an audio file (wav or MP3).
  9. Open Audio Editor - Left-click to open Edison, Right-click to open a new instance of Edison. Dragging and dropping an audio file (from the Browser onto this button will open the file in a new instance of Edison.
  10. One-click Recording - Opens the external audio recording 'wizard' to help you record audio from your soundcard inputs.
  11. View Project Info (F11) - Open the Project Info, where you can enter details about the name, author, etc.
  12. Help (F1) - Opens the Help (you are reading it right now). Right-click to see FL Studio electronic credits.