Transport Panel

The Transport Panel contains controls for playing, recording and setting song position and tempo.

  1. Pattern/Song mode (L) - Switch between pattern and song mode. In pattern mode, only the current pattern is played, while in song mode the whole sequence in the Playlist is played. Right-clicking this control toggles the Playlist window.
  2. Play/Pause ( Ctrl + Space) - Press the button once to play, again to pause. To Play/Stop use ( Space). When the record button is armed, pressing Play starts the recording process. NOTE: There are also play buttons on the top bar of the Piano roll, Channel window / Step Sequencer and Playlist to aid workflow.
  3. Stop ( Space) - Stops playback or recording. To pause playback use ( Ctrl + Space). Right-click the Stop button to show the start location option:

  4. Record (R) - Switches between record and play mode. Right-click the Record button to show the Recording Filter options (all items with a tick will be recorded, Left-click to select items):

  5. Song tempo (larger digits) - Shows/sets song tempo (max 522 BPM). To set the Time signature use the Project General Settings. Right-click the LCD screen for some tempo presets & commands:
  6. Pattern selector ( + /for next pattern/; - /for previous pattern/) - Shows/sets the current pattern. Right-click to show a pop-up menu of all patterns in the project. A maximum of 999 individual patterns can be created.
  7. Song position slider - Shows/sets the current song position. Click and drag to move.