Piano roll Chopper

The Piano roll Chopper is an advanced note slicing tool that can use standard score files as slicing templates.



The Piano roll Chopper uses standard FL Studio Score files (*.fsc) as slice patterns . Click the Browse button to select a groove template. The Piano roll shows real-time preview of the results. See below for some guides about making such patterns.


This section lets you set the options that will be used for slicing.

Action buttons

Guide for making Chop / Arpeggiator patterns

Chopper and Arpeggiator patterns are regular Piano roll scores, but are interpreted in a special way to fit the purposes of the Chopper and Arpeggiator tools. Templates can be found in the FL Studio installation directory under ..\Data\Patches\Scores\Arpeggiator or if you select the Piano roll menu > File > Open score, this should open in the Scores folder.