FL Slayer

FL Slayer is a realistic electric guitar simulation originally developed by reFX. It uses a hybrid synthesis similar to physical modeling. The simulator is equipped with a high quality amp section and effects rack enabling you to recreate the complete electric guitar sound without additional plugins.


Guitar Site Simulation Properties

Playing Mode (combo box)

This parameter controls the playing style used by Slayer:

Basic Properties

String Types

The string radio buttons let you select the string type used in the guitar simulation:

Coil Type

Select the type of used coil simulation:

Additional Guitar Simulation Properties

AMP Section

AMP Type

This radio button group selects the amplifier type used in the simulation:

Cabinet Type

This radio group selects the cabinet type of cabinet used in the simulation:

Additional Amplifier Properties

MFX-90 Effects Unit Properties

The effects unit contains a combo box which selects the effect type and two additional knobs which sets parameters specific for each effect type.

Effect Type

Selects the effect type. Two general effect types are available: AMP - A pedal effect applied before the amplifier; MST A master effect that is applied after the amplifier;

Plugin Credits: reFX (engine), Frederic Vanmol (FL Plugin adaptation & interface)