Fruity Delay Bank

Fruity Delay Bank is a powerful delay/filter plugin. This effect consists of a bank of 8 identical banks, each of which can be fed to the next bank in the chain, to create complex delay and filtering effects.

Related plugins: Fruity Delay, Fruity Delay 2 and Fruity Delay 3 are less complex delay plugins, useful for those times when Delay Bank is messing too much with your head.


Top-left are the Bank tabs and Enable Bank switches, above the tabs.

The top right corner of the Delay Bank are a set of global controls

Each bank consists of a series of processes, running from Left to Right they are discussed below


Input Section Allows you to set volume and panning of the input signal.


Filter Section determines the filter type, cutoffs and if the filtering is applied before or after the delay section.


Echo Feedback Section - Controls how echoes from the delay are processed.


Feedback Filtering - Contains a set of filtering options for the feedback signal.


Granualizing - is the process of chopping audio into small chunks (grains). The grain effect is here applied to the echoes of the delay.


Bank output - Each bank can pass its output to the next bank in the chain, or to the main outputs.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin